Molekulyarnaya Genetika, Mikrobiologiya i Virusologiya №4 2012



Ilyina T. S. Mobile ISCR Elements: Structure, Functions, and Role in the Emergence, Increasing and Spreading of Blocks of Bacterial Genes of Multiple Antibiotic Resistance 3


Jun Li Huang, Ling Xiao Bao, Han Yan Zou, Shu Gang Che, and Gui-Xue Wang High-Level Production of a Cold-Active β-Mannanase from Bacillus subtilis Bs5 and Its Molecular Cloning and Expression 14
Popova A. V., Myakinina V. P., Platonov M. E., and Volozhantsev N. V. Molecular Characterization of the Multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter Baumannii Strains and Assessment of Their Sensitivity to the Phage Ap22 18
Baygildina A. A. and Islamgulov D. V. Genetic Determinancy of the Change in the VE-Cadherin Expression and Intensifi ed Vessel Deendothelisation at Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome 23
Kulakov Y. K., Tsirelson L. E., and Zheludkov M. M. Molecular-genetic Characterization of Canine and Rangiferine Brucella Isolates from Different Regions of Russia 28
Zhirakovskaya E. V., Aksanova R. Kh., Gorbunova M. G., Tikunov A. Yu., Kurilschikov A. M., Sokolov S. N., Netesov S. V., and Tikunova N. V. Genetic Diversity of Group A Rotavirus Isolates Found in Western Siberia in 2007-2011 33

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