Molekulyarnaya Genetika, Mikrobiologiya i Virusologiya №3 2011

3 Romanova Yu. M., Tiganova I. G., Khmel’ I. A., Alekseeva N. V., Stepanova T. V., Shevlyagina N. V., Didenko L. V., Goryachev S. N., and Gintsburg A. L. Biofilms of Burkholderia cepacia: Characteristics of Mutants with Modified Formation Capacity
11 Smirnova N. I., Zadnova S. P., Shashkova A. V., and Kutyrev V. V. Genome Variability in the Altered Variants of Vibrio cholerae El Tor Isolated to the area of Russia
18 Sapenko T. P., Yurov D. S., Varfolomeev A. F., Bykova N. V., and Ermolaeva S. A. Detection of a Hydrolysis Site in the Actin Polymerization Factor ActA Transmembrane Anchor and Input of Released ActA in Listeria monocytogenes Invasion into the Host Cell
25 Sinkov V. V., Savilov E. D., and Ogarkov O. B. Reconstruction of the Epidemic History of the Beijing Genotype of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Russia and Former Soviet Countries using Spoligotyping
30 Titov S. E., Panasyuk G. V., Ivanov M. K., and Dymshits G. M. Detection of Helicobacter pylori in Bioptats of Gastric Mucosa of Patients with Gastritis and Gastric Ulcer Using the Real-Time PCR Method
35 Lomakina N. F., Boravleva E. Y., Kropotkina E. A., Yamnikova S. S., Drygin V. V., and Gambaryan A. S. Attenuation of A/Chicken/Kurgan/3/2005 (H5N1) Influenza Virus Using Selection in An Environment Simulating the Life Cycle of Wild Duck Viruses