Gigiena i Sanitariya №4 2010



4 Onishchenko G. G. Supervision of foods containing genetically modified microorganisms and the problems of labeling this type of products     | Resume, key words
8 Krasovsky G. N., Rakhmanin Yu. A., Egorova N. A., Malysheva A. G., Mikhailova R. I. Hygienic bases for listing the indicators for evaluation and control of the safety of drinking water     | Resume, key words, literature
13 Klochkova N. V., Korenkov I. P., Lashchenova T. N. Radioecological evaluation of the area of a radiation dangerous object     | Resume, key words, literature
17 Kushnerova N. F., Rakhmanin Yu. A., Kushnerova T. V., Drugova E. S. Prevention of abnormal physiological and biochemical characteristics of red blood cells in carbon disulfide intoxication     |Resume, key words, literature
21 Unguryanu T. N., Novikov S. M., Buzinov R. V., Gudkov A. B., Osadchuk D. N. Human health risk of chemical air pollutants in a developed pulp and paper industry town     | Resume, key words, literature
25 Orlov A. A. Hygienic features of rural water supply under the present conditions (a review)     | Resume, key words, literature
28 Grigoriev Yu. I., Ershov A. V., Silin I. I. Air quality and childhood morbidity     | Resume, key words, literature
31 Dudarev A. A., Chupakhin V. S., Mizernyuk V. N., Lebedev G. B., Chashchin V. P. Blood heavy metals in women of indigenous ethnic groups in the Far North     | Resume, key words, literature
34 Filatov B. N., Latyshevskaya N. I., Vasilkov A. V. Hygienic evaluation of pollution in the area of a chemical dangerous enterprise     | Resume, key words, literature
38 Gudina M. V., Volkotrub L. P. Cellular communication: hygienic characteristics, biological action, standardization (a review)     | Resume, key words, literature
43 Chukhlebova L. M. Hygienic evaluation of the safety of commercial fish of the Amur River     | Resume, key words, literature
47 Legostayeva T. B., Ingel F. I., Antipanova N. A., Yurchenko V. V., Yurtseva N. A., Kotlyar N. N. Hygienic evaluation of the total mutagenic activity of snow samples from Magnitogorsk     |Resume, key words, literature
52 Yakovleva G. V., Stekhin A. A., Savostikova O. N., Alekseyeva A. V. Changes in the electrochemical parameters and structural state of water exposed to microwave radiation     | Resume, key words, literature
55 Yakupov R. R., Karimova L. K., Nafikov R. G. Dystrophic changes in the locomotor system of manual laborers     | Resume, key words, literature
58 Kuzmina O. Yu., Lotkov V. S. Prediction of the development of metabolic syndrome in patients with occupational diseases caused by exposure to physical factors     | Resume, key words, literature
62 Myznikova I. L., Perminov D. G., Ostrovsky D. V., Yermakova S. I. Physical adaptability of the cardiorespiratory complex in European North sailors     | Resume, key words, literature
66 Zaitseva I. P. Efficiency of use of vitamin-mineral complexes in the prevention of iron-deficiency states in athletes     | Resume, key words, literature
69 Koldunov I. N., Rakhmanov R. S. Analysis of actual nutrition and energy expenditure with circulatory system diseases in remission     | Resume, key words, literature
71 Dvoretsky E. N., Baryshnikova G. V., Devyatkova V. S., Vyatchaninova I. A., Sergeyeva I. G. Early manifestations of locomotor static deformities     | Resume, key words, literature
75 Makogon S. I., Kuzyakin G. V. Estimation of the functional parameters of the organ of vision in Military Training Institute entrants     | Resume, key words, literature
77 Voronina N. V. Integrated assessment of the alimentary status of pre-induction age pupils     | Resume, key words, literature
79 Musalimova R. S., Valiakhmetov R. M. Comparative analysis of the physical status of students living under different conditions of environmental pollution     | Resume, key words, literature
83 Berezin I. I., Kretova I. G., Rusakova N. V., Smirnova L. M., Kostsova Ye. A., Illarionova L. V. Comparative assessment of teaching conditions in varying secondary educational establishments in Samara     | Resume, key words, literature
86 Sizova Ye. N., Mishchenko N. V., Rodygina S. N., Tulyakova O. V. Comparison of the physical development of 17-18-year-old girls in 1996 and 2007     | Resume, key words, literature
89 Sopova Ye. A., Baranov V. I., Gankovskaya O. A., Lavrov V. F., Zverev V. V. Effects of silver and silicon dioxide nanopowders on the development of herpesvirus infection in vitro     | Resume, key words, literature
92 Pylev L. N., Vasilyeva L. A., Smirnova O. V., Khrustalev S. A., Trukhina G. M. Carcinogenic activity of the pesticide propoxur     | Resume, key words, literature
94 On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Tamara Georgiyevna Shlepninova
95 Remarkable dates of the history of hygiene and sanitary science in 2010