Gigiena i Sanitariia №2 2012


Hygiene of the Environment and Localities

Egorova N. A., Bukshuk A. A., Krasovsky G. N. Hygienic problems of hot water supply for the population 4
Parfenova V. V., Kravchenko O. S., Pavlova O. N., Suslova M. Yu., Bedoshvili E. D. Impact of different calcium hypochlorite concentrations on the survival of potentially pathogenic microorganisms isolated from Baikal Lake 8
Gromova V. S., Pchelenok О. А., Kozlova N. M. Impact of the increasing levels of soil radiation pollution on the biochemical composition of plants 12
Dudarev A. A., Chupakhin V. S., Ivanova Z. S., Lebedev G. B. Specificity of exposure of the indigenous dwellers of coastal and inland Chukotka to dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane 15
Eremeishvili A. V., Figaro A. L., Bakayeva E. A. The content of trace elements in the biosubstrates of children aged 1 to 3 years under anthropogenic load 20
Kirichenko L.V., Barannikov V. G. Hygienic evaluation of mineral therapy conditions 23

Occupational Hygiene

Bektasova M. V., Kaptsov V. A., Sheparev A. A. Priorities for health improvement in the medical workers of phthisiatric service in the Primorye Territory 26
Syurin S. A., Burakova O. A. Working conditions and occupational pathology in electrolytic nickel refinery workers 30
Chudinin N. V. Sanitary and hygienic characteristics of working conditions during accumulator scrap recycling 33
Karimova L. K., Gizatullina D. F. Early signs of the influence of harmful industrial factors on workers at present-day petrochemical plants 38

Food Hygiene

Kim I. N., Kim G. N., Krivosheyeva L. V., Khitrovo I. A. Investigation of the content of carcinogenic compounds in commercial smoked fish 41
Plaksin E. I. Development of a subsistence quality assurance system for armed forces 47

Hygiene of Children and Adolescents

Stepanova M. I., Sazanyuk Z. I., Polenova M. A., Ulanova S. A., Lashneva I. P., Berezina N. O., Sedova A. S., Laponova E.D. Health-preserving capacities of pedagogical technologies 52
Markova A. I., Lyakhovich A. V., Gutman M. R. Parental quality of life as a determinant of children’s health 55
Musalimova R. S. Influence of subject competitions on the functional state of senior pupils 61
Tulyakova O. V. The functional state of the cardiovascular system and the level of physical performance in 7-8-year-old children under aerotechnogenic pollution 64
Minnibayev T. Sh., Timoshenko K. T., Goncharova G. A. Time budget, progress, and adaptation in school-university profile class pupils 67
Platonova A. G. Changes in the physical development of Kiev schoolchildren over a ten-year period (1996-2008) 69
Trukhina S. I., Trukhin A. N., Tsirkin V. I., Khlybova S. V. Influence of birth weight on the physical development of children and teenagers 73
A. I. Gorshkov, L. V. Cherkasova, E. M. Osipova Comprehensive hygienic evaluation of the environment and the health status of children and adolescents in the North Administrative District of Moscow 77
I. V. Musorina, V.A. Doskin, V. N. Shestakova, T. A. Khudobkina The sociomedical portrait of girls studying at a secondary special educational establishment 80
N. V. Zarytovskaya, A. S. Kalmykova The individual health of male teenagers studying at secondary school 83

Preventive Toxicology and Hygienic Standardization

Z. I. Zholdakova, N. V. Kharchevnikova, R. A. Mamonov, O. O Sinitsyna Methods for estimating the combined effect of substances 86
V. A. Shipelin, E. A. Arianova, E. N. Trushina, L. I. Avrenyeva, S. Yu. Batishcheva, A. V. Cherkashin, S. Kh. Soto, N. V. Lashneva, I. V. Gmoshinsky, S. A. Khotimchenko Toxicological and sanitary characterization of fullerene C60 administered through the rat gastrointestinal tract 90


To the 75 anniversary from the date of Yu. A. Rachmanin's birth 95
To the 100 anniversary from the date of N. I. Smetanin's birth 97