Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №3 2012


Editor-in-chief column



Amelyushkina V.A., Urazalina S.J., Kotkina T.I., Kaba S.I., Titov V.N. The secretory phospholipase A2 and transport of lipids by lipoproteins in patients with the risk of cardio-vascular pathology (the system "Score") of lower and average degree. The diagnostic significance of the test 4
Koretskaya N.A., Vavilova T.P., Tkatchev G.A. The analysis of amount of matrix metalloproteinase 1 precursor , metalloproteinase 1 tissue inhibitor and cystatin C in the bronchoalveolar secretion of patients with nonspecific lung diseases 10
Jheltukhina A.N., Verovsky V.Ye., Ostrovsky O.V. The characteristics of interpretation of results of analysis of protein amount in urine of pregnant women 14
Mamedov I.S., Smolina Yu.A., Sukhorukov V.S., Novikov P.V. The diagnostic of peroxisomic diseases in children 16
Nagoyev B.S., Kambatchokova Z.A. The intensity of processes of lipoperoxidation and antioxidant defence in patients with recurrent viral herpes infection 19


Filina N.G., Kolotvina T.B., Jyburt Ye.B. The individual selection of erythrocytes for regional clinics 21
Savinkina N.S., Makhov V.A., Vorojyschtcheva A.Yu., Appelgans T.V. The etiologic diagnostics of rhinosinusitis using clinical laboratory methods 24


Mininkova A.I. The analytical possibilities of hematologic analyzers in evaluation of thrombocytes: a literature review 27


Abramovskih O.S. The prognostic significance of estimation of levels of peripheral blood cytokines in patients with cervical neoplasms 35
Mukhetdinova G.A., Fazlyeva R.M., Mustaphina V.Kh. The diagnostic significance of alveomucin in patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome 37


Mavzyutov A.R., Murzabayeva R.T., Nazmutdinova R.G., Mirsayapova I.A. The genetic markers of pathogenicity of S. enteritidis, antibiotic resistance of cultures and clinical characteristics of disease 40
Laboratory medicine abroad  
Miller V.G., Bruns D.Ye., Khortin G.L., Sandberg S., Aakre K.M., Mc-Quin M., Itoh I., Liske D.S., Seccomb D.B., Jones G., Bunk D.M., Kurhan G.S., Narva A.S. The actual issues of measurement and presentation of results of albumin excretion with urine 43


The National days of laboratory medicine: Russia-2011 53
The scientific practical society of laboratory medicine professionals 54


On scientific practical conference on clinical laboratory diagnostics in Stavropol 57