Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №5 2012



Titov V.N. The insulin regulation of metabolism of fat acids and glucose next in the realization of biologic function of locomotion 3
Shushkova I.G., Ostrovsky O.V., Zaytsev V.G. The population study of total antioxidant activity of human blood serum and urine 12
Kushnarenko N.N., Govorin A.V. The alterations in fatty acids content of membranes of erythrocytes and insulin resistance syndrome under primary gout 17
Klytchnikova Ye.V., Matveyev S.B. , Ryabinin V.A. , Godkov M.A., Golikov A.P. , Akhmetov V.V., Mikhaylov I.P. The oxidation stress, lipid metabolism and their relationship in patients with severe course of hypertension disease in aggregate with carotid stenosis 20
Novikova I.A., Petrenko T.S. The activity of peroxidation of lipids in biologic samples of patients with recurrent diseases of upper respiratory tracts 22
Yermakova I.P., Buzulina V.P., Pronchenko I.A., Shmerko N.P. The dynamics of biochemical markers of remodeling of bone tissue after liver transplantation 25
Voltchegorsky I.A., Rassokhina L.M., Kolyadich M.I., Alekseyev M.N. The metabolic predictors of depression under diabetes mellitus 28
Titarenko O.T., Dyakova M.Ye., Pavlova M.V., Esmedlyayeva D.S., Alekseyeva N.P., Petrova T.L. The clinical laboratory comparison in the assessment of treatment prognosis in patients with infiltrative tuberculosis of lungs 31


Shishina R.N., Ptchelintseva T.A., Savenko T.A., Balakina T.A., Markova M.L. The state of homeostasis system in patients with aplastic anemia in the period of full-fledged clinical manifestation of disease 34
Eraliyeva M.O. The dynamic detection of cytokins under aplastic anemia and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura in the process of impact of hypoxic hypoxia 38
Momot A.P., Grigoryeva Ye.V., Tsyvkina L.P., Panov M.Yu., Merkulov I.V. The monitoring of application of dabigatran as a remedy of prevention of thromboembolicс complications after hip joint arthroplasty 40


Bytchkovskykh V.A., Dolgushin I.I. , Korobeynikova E.N. The comparative study of indicators of immunity and state of pro- and antioxidant systems in patients with chronic pyelonephritis of single kidney in active and latent stages of disease 43
Mardanly S.G., Amelina Ye.A., Gafarov R.R. The development of immune-enzyme test-systems to diagnose rubella 46
Zorina R.M., Yanysheva A.V., Maklakova T.P., Rybitcheva T.G., Zorina V.N. The concentrations of certain cytokines and lactoferrin in blood and supernatants of cell cultures in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis 48
Medjidov M.M., Stepanova E.D., Yunusova R.Yu., Gorelova V.G., Omarova S.M. The evaluation of diagnostic effectiveness of algorithm of isolation and express identification of opportunistic enterobacteria using national chromogenic growth mediums 51


Gilmanov A.J. ASS-2011: The conference and exhibition in Atlanta 54

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