Sotsiologiya Meditsiny №1 2012


Theory and methodology

Reshetnikov A.V. The sociology of mandatory medical insurance: Part 1. 3
Lysytsyn Yu.P. The triune medicine 9

Institutional analysis

Prisyajnaya N.V. The impact of out-family socialization on the social behavior and specifi city of post-children home adaptation of orphans 13
Dubogray Ye.V. The comparative analysis of the content of sources of the main world religions and the Orthodox Christianity concerning the issues of human health 18

Sociological aspects of public health activities

Nechaev V.S., Tchudinova I.E., Nisan B.A. On the issue of expertise of organizational aspects of state private partnership in public health 21

Sociology of medical profession

Ekhte K.A., Derbenev D.P., Balashova L.A. The medical social characteristics of community of physicians of different specialties 23
Maltsev S.N. The opinion of physicians concerning the necessity of involvement of psychotherapists and gerontologists in the treatment process of elderly patients 26
Mukharyamova L.M., Moiseyeva G.A. The nursing higher education and the professional carrier of specialists: the results of sociologic survey 29
Gvozdetskaya Ye.A, Sakharova L.G. The sociocultural approach to education of future physicians and medical nurses 33
Kaspruk L.I. The particular issues of sociological survey of paramedical workers in Orenburg oblast 35

Sociology of patient

Guschin A.V. The internet communication as material to analyze the physician-patient relationship 38

Medical sociological studies

Knaist S., Maslak Ye.,Tzare R., Berzina S., Skrivele S., Terekhova T., Shakovetz N., Wagner M., de Mura-Ziber V., de Mura R., Borutta A., Arjenovskaya Ye.T. The social factors impacting the development of early child caries: the results of the fi ve countries study 41
Ivanova L.Yu., Ivakhnenko G.A. The satisfaction of Russian students with medical care 44

Quality of life

Albegova I.F., Popova A.V. The impact of medical status of elderly persons on the processes of their social adaptation in senior centers 48
Aymaletdinov T.A., Lyubimova L.I. The innovative possibilities of Internet technologies in the social adaptation of the disabled 51
Dimov A.S., Maksimov N.I. The medical sociological aspects of "the nation preservation" in Russia: a review 55

Our jubilees

Oleg Prokopievitch Schepin: to the eightieth anniversary 62