Sotsiologiya Meditsiny №2 2012

Prisyajnaya N.V., Wasserman B.A. The scientifi c practical conference with international participation "The sociology of medicine: science and practice": sum total of event 3
Reshetnikov A.V. The evolution of sociology of medicine 4
Efimenko S.A. The methodological foundation of studying the phenomenon of patient in sociology of medicine 10
Sedova N.N. The problematic, methodology and practical sense of initiative studies in national sociology of medicine 15
Kovaleva M.D., Barkovskaya A.Yu. The gender problematic in sociology of medicine 17
Reshetnikov A.V., Khaitov R.M., Efi menko S.A., Gudima G.O., Sidorovitch I.G., Karamov E.V., Bogatchanskaya N.N., Pavlov S.V. The clinical studies of anti-HIV/AIDS vaccines: the sociological assessment of formation of cohorts of volunteers 19
Yagodina A.Yu., Serova I.A., Merzlova M.B. HIV-infection in the classifi cations of infectious diseases by sociological criteria 25
Viyazmin A.M., Sannikov A.L., Varakina J.L., Mikliyayeva Ye.V. The quality of life as a category of sociology of medicine 28
Surmatch M.Yu. The sociology of medicine for sociologists: the concept of training course 30
Tsyplenkova L.P., Slyusar I.V., Shyut K.V. The study of components of social status of physician in the system of medical sociological monitoring 32
Efimenko S.A., Zaiytseva N.V. The personnel management in medical organizations: the sociological analysis features 35
Viyatkina N.Yu., Vakhromeyeva A.Yu. The resurrection of zemstvo medicine: the realities and perspectives 38
Ertel L.A. The implementation of right to health: particular institutional novellas 41
Sokol A.F., Shurupova R.V. The formation of universal human and professional qualities of physician 43
Voltchanskiy M.Ye., Fomina T.K. The main directions of modern studies in medical conflictology 45
Aleksandrova O.Yu., Ramnyonok T.V. The analysis of opinions of female patients and physicians about causes of emergency hospitalization in gynecological department of hospital 46
Guschin A.V., Kondrashov A.A. The generation differences in community of modern physicians 49
Ostrovskiy A.N., Novokreschenov I.V., Novokreschenova I.G. The issues of management of public purchases of medical production 51
Amirkhanyan A.G. The access of labor migrants to health services as a mechanism of integration into host society 53
Shishkina Ye.A. The evolution of ecological culture in the format of healthy life-style 55
Roberts B., McKee M., Gasparishvili A., Chow K., Goryakin E., Rotman D., Haerpfer C., Watson K. The sociologic study of factors impacting obesity at micro- and meso-level in the countries of former USSR: multilevel analysis 57

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Valeriy Andreyevitch Mansurov (to 75th anniversary) 63

Index of articles published in the Journal "Sociology of medicine"in 2012