Rossiiskii Stomatologicheskii Zhurnal №6 2012



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Magamedchanov Yu.M., Buravtsova E.A., Grishkova N.O., Romashko N.A., Zakharov P.A., Kashchenko P.V., Bersanov R.U. Optimization of before implantation preparation of the alveolar holes remote tooth with the help of Russian material «Gamalant z-paste-FORTE Plus» 14
Furtsev T.V., Lipetskaya E.A., Kolenchukova O.A. The comparison of «consepsis» and the method of photodynamic therapy for bacterial treatment of carious cavity 15
Tsarev V.N., Arutyunov S.D., Ippolitov E.V., Azizova A.S., Korobova E.A. Cytokine profile of blood plasma and gingival fluid from the residents of dagestan in chronic periodontitis 18
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Shugaylov I.A., Maksimenko A.A., Pshepiy R.A. Assessment of effectiveness of new domestic photosensitizer «RadaDent plus» during photodynamic therapy of chronic apical periodontosis 25
P’yanzina A.V., Gerasimenko М.Yu. The experience of application of флюктуоризации in the complex treatment of patients with chronic generalized parodontitis 28


Ruvinskaya G.R.,Zal’alova Z.A. Features dental follow-ups of patients with parkinson's disease 30


Amkhadova M.A., Mustafayev N.M., Tolmachev V.E. Features of the study of microcirculation periodontal in severe atrophy of bone tissue of jaws 32
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Afanasev V.V., Khubutia B.N., Vinokurova O.Y., Denisova E.I. Structure of morbidity of the salivary glands according to the data of the all-Russian center for the study of diseases of the salivary glands on the basis of the clinic dental surgery Maxillo-facial hospital of war Veterans of the Department of health. Moscow 36


Edranov S.S. The role of nitric oxide in damage and reparations mucous membrane maxillary sinus 38
Kulakova E.V., Elizarova V.M., Pampura A.N. Endogenous antimicrobial polypeptides factors of nonspecific protection of the organism 42
Unkovsky A.S., Deev M.S., Arutyunov S.D., Lebedenko I.Yu CAD/CAM technology in the dental ectoprosthetics 45