Klinicheskaya Meditsina №6 2012


Reviews and lectures

Zubkin M.L., Semenenko T.A., Kokoeva F.K., Borisova V.N., Sel’kova E.P., Aleshkin V.A. Hepatitis E: a new view of the old problem 4
Doroshevskaya A.Yu., Kondratovsky P.M., Dubikov A.I. Small molecules – principal participants of pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis 12
Golokhvastova N.O. Peculiarities of present-day morbidity of infl uenza A (H1N1 swl) 18

Original investigations

Podzolkov V.I., Medvedev I.D., Ishina T.I., Kosyreva A.M., Mаkhnach G.K., Makarova O.V. Comparative characteristic of the hormonal profile in male smokers and non-smokers with stable obstructive pulmonary disease 26
Mazurova V.V., Sukhorukov O.E., Zakharova O.V. Comparing moderately-late results of the application of stents coated with a medicinal antiproliferative agent for the treatment of patients with various forms of coronary heart disease: their efficacy and safety 30
Fonyakin A.V., Geraskina L.A., Shandalin V.A. Cardiac complications and heart rhythm variability in the late post-stroke period 35
Dedov D.V., Ivanov A.P., El’gardt I.A. Management of -arrhythmia in patients with arterial hypertension 39
Medvedev I.N., Skoryatina I.A. Dynamics of microrheologic properties of erythrocytes in patients with arterial hypertension and dyslipidemia treated with atorvastatin 42
Myasoedova E.E., Obzherina S.V., Svyatova N.D., Myasoedova S.E. Predictors of cardiovascular and cerebral complications in patients with rheumatoid arthritis 46
Simonenko V.B., Chaplyuk A.L., Teslya A.N., Frolov V. M. Diagnostics and treatment of coronary heart disease and concomitant climacteric cardiopathy 51


Vertkin A.L., Nosova A.V. Effect of combined hormonal oral contraception on the somatic and psychic status of the women of the reproductive age 55
Stel’makh V.V., Kozlov V.K., Radchenko V.G., Nekrasova A.S. Pathogenetic therapy of metabolic syndrome at the stage of organ lesions 61
Afanasiev Yu.I., Storozhenko S.Yu., Grigorova S.Yu. Potentialities of the medicamental correction of cerebrovascular disturbances in the patients with arterial hypertension 66

Guidelines for practitioners

Serebryakova O.M., Romanova E.N., Govorin A.V., Filev A.P., Shangin A.S. Peculiarities of clinical and X-ray picture of pneumonia in patients with influenza A (H1/N1) 70
Zyrina G.V. Lesions in the nervous system during chemotherapy of acute leukosis and non-Hodgkin lymphomas 73

History of medicine

Blokhina N.N. Exploration of the region of Kavkazskie Mineral’nye Vody (Caucasian Mineral Waters) by the physician humanist F.P.Gaaz 76