Rossiiskaya Pediatricheskaya Oftalmologia №2 2012


Clinical investigations

Brzhesky V.V., Chistyakova M.N., Kalinina I.,V. The effectiveness of the main stages of remedial measures designed to manage congenital stenosis of the nasolacrimal canal in the children 4
Brusakova E.V., Ershova R.V., Panchishena V.M., Sokolov V.O., Fomina N.V. The modern approach to the visual examination of the angle of the anterior eye chamber in the children — iridocorneal goniography 7
Katargina L.A., Denisova E.V., Slepova O.S., Lyubimova N.V., Starikova A.V., Osipova N.A., Petrovskaya M.S. The infl uence of inhibitors of tumour necrosis factor-alpha on the clinical course of rheumatoid uveitis and dynamics of immunological characteristics 11
Katargina L.A., Slepova O.S., Belova M.V., Andryushin A.E. The role of the compromised cytokine status in pathogenesis of late vitreoretinal complications of retinopathy in premature infants 14
Katargina L.A., Shestova Yu.P., Denisova E.V. Dry eye syndrome associated with endogenous uveitis in the children 17
Kogoleva L.V., Katargina L.A., Krivosheev A.A., Mazanova E.V. The state of the visual analyzer in the children with retinopathy of prematurity 20
Paramei O.V. Female alcoholism and eye pathology in the children presenting with fetal alcohol syndrome 25
Petrovskaya M.S., Denisova E.V., Slepova O.S., Katargina L.A. The role of infectious factors in the development of proliferative syndrome in the children presenting with endogenous uveitis 28
Rykov S.A., Barinov Yu.V., Barinova A.A. The modifi ed method for the surgical treatment of recurrent dacryocystitis in the children 31
Filatova I.A., Iomdina E.N., Sitnikova D.N. Biochemical characteristics of the upper eyelid tissues in the children with congenital ptosis 34

Organization of ophthalmological care for the children

Saidasheva E I., Fomina N.V., Baranov A.V., Korlyakova M.N. The principles of organization of ophthalmological care in Sankt-Peterburg 39

Experimental investigations

Aminulla A.A., Filatov V.V., Fedorov A.A., Ul’shina L.V. Morphological studies of the tissue structure of the eye and its appendages under conditions of enhanced repetition frequency of the infrasound treatment procedure 43
Stirmanova E.R., Shchipanova A.I., Katargina L.A. The development of the rational scheme for the application of derinat eye drops, 0.25%, in the combined treatment of experimental ophthalmoherpes 46

Literature review

Vorobieva I.V., Merkushenkova D.A., Estrin L.G. The role of angiogenesis in the development and progression of diabetic retinopathy in the patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus 50

Invitation to discussion

Bobrova N.F. Classifi cation (clinical-surgical) of congenital Cataracts 52
Yastrebtseva T.A. The level of hemoglobin and the number of blood erythrocytes in the adolescents inclined to short-sightedness and myopia 57

Guidelines for practitioners

Seliverstova K.E., Vakhova E.S., Yani E.V., Ibragimova D.I. On the problem of differential diagnostics of a corneal ulcer of different etiology in the children (a case report) 61

Clinical tasks