Problemy Sotsialnoi Gigieny, Zdravookhraneniya, i Istorii Meditsiny №4 2012


Health and society

Lindenbraten A.L. The Federal Law "On the fundamentals of health protection of citizen in the Russian Federation" and the issues of management of medical care quality 3
Schepin V.O. The morbidity of population temporary disability in the Russian Federation 6
Babenko A.I., Bravve Yu. I., Tomtchuk A.L., Babenko Ye.A. The development of public health strategy with the purpose to develop human capital 10
Maksymova T.M., Belov V.B., Lushkina N.P., Nikitina S.Yu., Redina M.A. The problem of abortions and enhancement of analysis of reproductive behavior of women 13
Rastegayeva I.N. The legal regulation of mother and child health care in the Federal Law "On the fundamentals of health care of citizen in the Russian Federation" 18
Sabayev A.V., Goleva O.P. The dynamics of population mortality due to acute alcoholic intoxications in the Russian Federation 21
Stekolschikov L.V. The traumas and intoxications as causes of mortality of population of able-bodied age 23
Vagin V.A. The health self-assessment by the employees of water Transport 28
Askarova Z.F., Askarov R.A., Tchuyenkova G.A. The dynamics of morbidity and mortality of malignant neoplasms in population of the Republic of Bashkortostan 30
Abayev Z.M., Berkutova I.S., Domashev D.I., Rekhviashvili B.A., Zorina O.A. The quality of life of patients with various forms of Periodontitis 33
Ivanova A.A., Potapov A.F., Timofeyev L.F. The medical aspects of road traffi c traumatism in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 35
Medvedkova N.I., Medvedkov V.D., Ashirova S.V. The morbidity of students and the ways of its decreasing 39

Public health reforms

Nechaev V.S., Nissan B.A. On the role of the state-private partnership in public health 41
Systerova A.A., Totskaya Ye.G. The implementation of the concept of innovative development of public health in a large medical institution 44
Gadjiyev R.S., Gasanov A.N., Valiyeva B.I. The dispensarization of children of early age in rural area 47
Frank D.L. The organization of medical care of foreign servicemen 50

Education and manpower

Magomedova S.A., Ilyintsev Ye.V. The manpower support of the organization of medical care in the Republic of Dagestan 53

From abroad

Ibragimov A.Yu., Asadov D.A., Menlykulov P.R. The main directions of public health reforms in the Republic of Uzbekistan 56

History of medicine

Stotchik A.M., Zatravkin S.N., Stotchik A.A. The origination of preventive medicine in the process of reforming of practical medicine in XVII—XIX centuries: Report two. The concepts of epidemics in the period of predominance of Galenism 58
Sarkisov A.S., Sarkisov S.A. The teaching of ophthalmology in the Moscow University in the fi rst half of XIX century 61