Problemy Sotsialnoi Gigieny, Zdravookhraneniya, i Istorii Meditsiny №6 2012


Health and society

Maksimova T.M., Lushkina N.P., Ogryzko Ye.V. The issues of assessment of medical support of patients with pathology of blood circulation system 3
Yefremov D.V. About the legal regulation of health care 7
Naumov I.A., Tischenko Ye.M. The medical social stipulation of reproductive behavior of female patients with infl ammatory diseases of genitals 10
Baranov O.P. The prevalence of traumatism in population of rural industrial region 13
Shigabutdinov A.F. The availability of particular types of medical social care to persons of elderly and senile age 16
Jhiltsova Ye.Ye., Konovalov O.Ye. The students’ awareness of prevention of sexually transmitted infections 17
Vasendin V.N., Tchebotarkova S.A., Kobalyeva D.A. The healthy lifestyle as one of components of human safety 19
Duiyko V.V., Mesnyankina O.A. About quality of life of patients with Leprosy 20
Askarova Z.F., Baiykina I.M., Tchuyenkova G.A., Askarov R.A. The dynamics of morbidity of population of the city of Ufa 23

Public health reforms

Schepin V.O., Mirgorodskaya O.V. The structural analysis of network of ambulatory polyclinic institutions in the Russian Federation 26
Denisov I.N., Reze A.G., Volnukhin A.V. The prevention of complaints concerning quality of medical services: the role of communicative skills of medical personnel 32
Babenko A.I., Murakhovsky A.G., Tomtchuk A.L., Bravve Yu.I. About the formation of patients’ fl ow in multi-type hospital 35
Ivanetz N.V. The development of management of clinical laboratory 38
Kasimovsky K.K. The main approaches to the public regulation of private system of health care of the Russian Federation 40

From public health professional experience

Gololobova T.V. The control of sanitary preventive measures in the framework of sanitary epidemiologic expertise of medical activities 43

History of medicine

Borodulin V.I., Topoliyanskiy A.V. About the history of gastroenterology in the USSR: the scientifi c school of M.I. Pevzner 45
Gorelova L.Ye., Afanasiyeva Ye.A. The signifi cance of activities in the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society for progression of medicine in the Middle East (to the 130th anniversary of foundation) 51
Juravleva T.V., Khmel A.A. To the 25th anniversary of commencement of perestroika of national public health 54
Betekhin M.S. Jean Alfred Fournier: to 180th anniversary 57
Rudoiy N.A. The activities of the Red Cross Society during the Russia Japan war 1904-1905 59

Index of articles published in the Journal «The problems of social hygiene, public health and history of medicine» in 2012