Rossiyskiy Meditsinskiy Zhurnal №3 2012


Public Health Organization and Public Health

Kochetkova E. Ya., Litvinov V. I., Seltsovsky P. P. Assessing the quality of timely detection of patients with respiratory tuberculosis from the criteria of effi ciency in the city of Moscow 3

Clinical Medicine

Rubanova M. P., Veber V. R., Zhmailova S. V., Gubskaya P. M., Bondarenko V. S., Vinogradov A.I. Organic and functional diastolic dysfunction of the left ventricle in patients with arterial hypertension during different types of negative stress maintenance and types of cardiac remodeling 7
Sorokina N. D., Selitsky G. V., Smirnov V. M. The functional state of cerebral hemispheres in relation to the lateralization of an epileptic focus and the severity of an epileptic process 10
Zimnyakova O. S., Glozman Zh. M., Levin O. S. Factors infl uencing the social adaptation of caregivers of patients with the advanced and end stages of Parkinson’s disease 14
Skoroglyadov A. V., Ivkov A. V., Sirotin I. V., Lipinsky P. V. Principles of vacuum therapy in the treatment of severe open limb Fractures 18
Kurtser M. A., Frantsuzov V. N., Lokteva T. S., Podtetenev A. D. Organ-saving operations for obstetric peritonitis 20
Grishchenko S. V., Vissarionov V. A., Filatova I. A., Malitskaya O. A. Current capacities of free tissue autotransplantation in the reconstructive surgery of the eyelids and periorbital region 23
Averyanova S. V. Psychological characteristics of women with colorectal cancer 27
Singur O. A., Yutskovsky A. D., Singur L. G. To optimization of the treatment of chronic urethritis caused by sexually transmitted infections 29
Beschatnov V. V., Orlinskaya N. Yu., Kudykin M. N. Experimental and clinical evaluation of the possibility of graduated dermotension in an infected soft tissue wound 32
Tarasenko G. N. Teleconsultation, as viewed by a dermatovenereologist 34

Clinical Pharmacology and Medicines

Chirkin V. I., Lazarev I. A., Ardatskaya M. D., Minushkina L. O. Effi cacy of psyllium dietary fi bers in patients with metabolic Syndrome 37


Luchshev V. I., Zharov S. N., Kuznetsova I. V. Erysipelas: clinical picture, diagnosis, treatment 42
Romanov B. K., Preferanskaya N. G., Chubarev V. N. Agents reducing the activity of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system 44


Bronshtein A. M., Malyshev N. A., Zharov S. N., Legonkov Yu. A., Luchshev V. I., Rachimova O. Yu. Echinococcosis (granulosus and alveolaris) are a borderline problem of medical parasitology and surgery (a review and the authors’ observations) 50

Case Report

Movsesyants M. Yu., Mironkov A. B., Tsvetkov R. S., Maltsev A. V., Kalashnikov S. V., Kisilev D. G., Abugov S. A. Wellens syndrome: signifi cance in routine clinical practice 54