Rossiyskiy Meditsinskiy Zhurnal №4 2012


Clinical medicine

Grigoryev S.P., Loshkaryeva E.O., ZolkinaI. V., Krasnovsky A.L., Korvyakov S.A., Alekhin A.I. The application of thermogeliox with nebulizer therapy in complex treatment of patients with bronchial asthma 3
Pshennova V.S., Yejova I.S., Khir Beck M., Aleksandrov O.V. The respiratory system condition under obesity 6
Кругликов Г. Г., Пшеннова В. С., Александров О. В. Морфофункциональное состояние дыхательной мускулатуры у лиц, страдающих ожирением 11
Gnoyevykh V.V., Smirnova A.Yu., Portnova Yu.A., Shalashova Ye.A. The clinical signifi cance of increased sensitivity of re spiratory system to tobacco smoke in patients with persistent bronchial asthma 13
Sajin A.V., Lysin S.V., Mikhailov D.Yu., Kornilova V.I., Polyayev A.Yu., Gulina L.D. The structure of post-injection complications in patients with drug addiction in surgery department 16
Mikayelyan N.P., Potiyemkin V.V., Terentyev A.A., Kulayeva I.O., Frantzeva Ye.Yu. The pathogenic mechanisms of deranged functional activity of cell membranes in patients with diabetes mellitus type I and primarily detected diabetes mellitus type II 20
Golenkov A.V. The screening of HIV-positive patients suffering of alcohol abuse and its signifi cance in the curative preventive work 23
Tarasenko G.N. The role of telemedicine technologies in practice of dermatologist of multi-type curative institution 26
Sosura V.Kh., Shershevskaya A.Ya. Helicobacter pilori and bronchial asthma in children 28
Kiselnykova L.P., Zolotussky A.G., Fadeyeva Ye.N., Karaseva R.V. The characteristics of oral cavity sanation in children of younger age under the conditions of sedation with retained consciousness 30

Clinical pharmacology and medicines

Tarasov V.V., Alayautdin R.N., Pavlova L.A., Krasnyuk I.I., Solev I.N. The application of nanoparticles to decrease negative impact of medicines 33
Schepotchkina O.Yu. The harmonized approach to the assessment of quality of dilept pills of durable action according the indicator "dissolution" 36

Case study

Neroyev V.V., Penkina A.V., Oganesyan O.G., Khanddjyan A.T., Belyayev D.S. The late development of infectious keratitis after femtolaser implantation of intrastromal corneal segments 38

Point of view

Fedoseyev G.B. The speed method and quality: are they compatible in district therapeutist work? 40


Bardenstein L.M., Alyoshkina G.A. The acute and transient psychotic disorders: the historical and clinical aspects 45
Prokhorova Ye.A., Dreval A.V., Martchenkova L.A. The relationship of osteoporosis with increase of quality of life and psycho-emotional disorders 50

History of medicine

Vaganov P.D., Balyakin Yu.V., Paunova S.S., Madjiyeva E.M., Yanovskaya E.Yu. On the history of course of pediatrics of medical biological faculty 54