Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №2 2014



Titov V.N. The clinical biochemistry of hypo-lipedemic therapy and mechanisms of action of statins: the fatty acids, statins and diabetes mellitus 4
Reznikov Yu.P., Maslenikov V.V., Roppelt A.A., Butvilovskaya V.I., Rubina A.Yu. The evaluation of ratio of oncomarkers in search of initial focus of tumor: On the occasion of fiftieth anniversary of discovery of alpha-fetoprotein as an oncomarker 15
Petchkovskiy E.V., Shadrina A.S., Boyarskih U.A., Selezneva I.A., Sinkina T.V., Lazarev A.F., Petrova V.D., Filipenko M.L. The polymorphism of genes of synthesis and metabolism of estrogens and the risk of breast cancer 19
Makhoyeva M.Kh., Fedorova M.M., Avtandilov A.G., Semitko S.P., Dolgov V.V., Roiytman A.P. The dynamics and prognostic value of cerebral natriuretic peptide and C-reactive protein under acute cardiac infarction depending on tactic of treatment 23
Bazarniy V.V., Avertchenko M.V. The clinical diagnostic importance of detection of vascular endothelial growth factor in evaluation of progression of pyelonephritis in children 26
Kopitova T.V., Panteleyeva G.A., Dmitriyeva O.N., Kotkova E.V. The evaluation of oxidative modification of proteins in patients with chronic disseminated dermatosis 41
Butiyugin I.A., Volchegorskiy I.A. The condition of the system “Peroxide oxidation of lipids-antioxidant defense” in mixed saliva of patients with chronic generalized periodontitis 44
Titov V.N., Ameliyushkina V.A., Kotkina T.I., Aripovskiy A.V. The difference of conformation of apoB-100 in lipoproteins of low and very low density. The modified lipoproteins and destructive inflammation in intima of arteries: A lecture 27


Tereschenko S.Yu., Olkhovkiy I.A. The diagnostic of chronic infection Helicobacter pylori in children 48
Kritchevskaya G.I., Vakhova E.S., Vylivannaya O.B., Davydova G.A. The rate of detection and diagnostic significance of antibodies to Borrelia Burgdorferri in patients with eyes diseases of inflammatory nature 53

Organization of laboratory service

Manzenyuk I.N., Shipulin G.A., Menshikov V.V. The shortcomings of technical regulation in sphere of circulation of medical devices for diagnostic in vitro in the Russian Federation: The state of affairs and proposed solutions 57


Bolgova L.S. About the monograph "Screening and differentiated cytomorphologic diagnostic of cervix cancer" by V.I. Novik 63