Rossiiskii Zhurnal Kozhnykh i Venericheskikh Boleznei №1 2014



Snarskaya E.S. Modern and prospective approaches to therapy of inoperable basal-cell and metatypical cutaneous cancer 4
Khlebnikova A.N., Novoselova N.V. The dermatoscopic picture of various forms of basal-cell cutaneous cancer 9

Clinical Picture, Diagnosis, and Therapy of Dermatoses

Sami Baker, Kochergin N.G., Tkachenko S.B. Modern approaches to therapy of local forms of atopic dermatitis 14
Olisova O.Yu., Teplyuk N.P., Plieva L.R., Lomonosov K.M. The erythrodermal form of Devergie’s disease
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Minoranskaya N.S., Ruksha T.G. Dermatological manifestations of borreliosis in the Krasnoyarsk territory 32
Samtsov A.V., Barbinov V.V., Litvishko A.A. Efficiency of modern means for individual prevention of pustular diseases of the skin 37
Dorozhenok I.Yu., Matyushenko E.N., Olisova O.Yu. Dysmorphophobia in dermatology patients with facial localization process 42
Ustobaeva T.T., Malyarchuk A.P., Zoirov P.T., Abdieva D.Kh. Role of the familial foci in epidemiology of scabies 47


Stenko A.G., Shchukina E.V., Shmatova A.A., Shuginina O.I., Zhukova O.V., Techieva S.G. Conservative therapy of patients with cicatricial changes in the skin by electrode pharmaphoresis 53
Korolkova T.N., Balashova A.V., Zinovyev E.V. Effects of surface peeling by salicylic acid derivatives on proliferation and differentiation processes in the skin 58

Syphilis and Urogenital Infections

Murakov S.V. Bacterial vaginosis in patients with disordered local immunological reactivity 62


Tarasenko G.N., Tarasenko Yu.G., Esikova R.P. Soft red nodule on the left shoulder