Rossiiskaya Pediatricheskaya Oftal'mologiya №1 2014


Clinical investigations

Arestov D.O. Surgical aspects of ultrasound trabeculectomy for the treatment of congenital glaucoma in children 5
Borzenok S.A., Khlebnikova O.V., Shurygina M.F., Ogorod­nikova S.N., Solomin V.A. The results of a comprehensive approach to differential clinical and etiological diagnos­tics of central retinal Stargardt’s dystrophy in Russian Federation 12
Katargina L.A., Denisova E.V., Starikova A.V., Gvozdyuk N.A., Lyubimova N.V. Uveitis in Behcet’s disease in children. Analysis of literature and description of cases 17
Katargina L.A., Tarasenkov A.O., Mazanova E.V., Khvato­va A.V. The evaluation of morphometric characteristics of the optic nerve disk at different stages of congenital glau­coma in children 22
Kruglova T.B., Egiyan N.S., Kononov L.B. Peculiarities of sur­gical technique in secondary IOL implantation in children with congenital cataracts 27
Pleskova A.V., Katargina L.A., Mazanova E.V. Ultrasound bio­microscopy in the diagnostics of congenital corneal opaci­ties in children 30
Proskurina O.V. Static streak skiascopy (retinoscopy) under natural conditions and in cycloplegia 33
Sajdasheva E.I., Dautova Z.A., Mitrofanova N.V., Lyola D.V. Therapeutic efficiency of medication «Vitrum®vision Forte» in myopia in teenagers 37
Tarutta E.P., Kiseleva T.N., Tarasova N.A., Epishina M.V. Vari­ations of accommodation parameters and hemodynamic characteristics in the blood vessels of the eye during the instrumental treatment of myopia 42
Tarutta E.P., Chernysheva S.G., Gubkina G.L., Kantarzhi E.P., Apaev A.V., Kiseleva O.A. A new way of diagnostic and treatment effectiveness evaluation of the optical nystagmus using microperimetry 46

Reviews of the literature

Valyavskaya M.E., Ovchinnikova A.V., Markova E.Yu. Con­genital stenosis of nasolacrimal duct 49
Zubareva L.N., Ovchinnikova A.V. Posterior lenticonus: clinic, features of surgical tactics, functional results of expedi­tious treatment  
Katargina L.A., Osipova N.A. The basic strategy of develop­ment an animal model of retinopathy of prematurity 56

Organization of ophthalmological assistance for children

Romenskaya I.V., Paramei O.V., Maksimova N.V. Protection of children’s health in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 61

Guidelines for practitioners

Shnaider N.A., Guseva M.R. М.R. Prion disease. Ophtalmic symptoms (A lecture) 64


Fomina N.V. First Inter-Regional Scientific and Practical Con­ference «Pediatric ophthalmology in the North-Western region». 19—20 April 2013, Sankt-Petersburg 76
Fomina N.V. The 39th Congress of European Pediatric Oph­thalmological Society (EPOS). 78