Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №3 2014



Titov V.N., Rojkova T.A., Amelyushkina V.A. The clinical biochemistry of hyperlipemia and hyperglycemia. Insulin and metabolism of fatty acids. Hypoglycemiс effect of hyperlipemiс pharmaceuticals 4
Kotkina T.I., Titov V.N., Parkhimovitch R.M. The different notions about β-oxidation of fatty acids in peroxisomes, peroxisomes and ketonic bodies. The diabetic, acidotic coma as an acute deficiency of acetyl-KoA and ATPA 14
Berg A.R., Tchepurnaya A.N. The association of risk of development of cardiomyopathies with polymorphic variants of genes of angiotensin converting enzyme, glutathione-S-transferase, interleukins 8 and 10 24
Shalenkova M.A., Mikhaiylova Z.D., Klemin V.A., Korkotashwili R.V., Abanin A.M., Klemina A.V., Dolgov V.V. The acoustic indicator of saliva under stress 28
Dygaiy A.M., Kotlovskiy M.Yu., Kiritchenko D.A., Yakimovitch I.Yu., Tereshina D.S., Kotlovskiy Yu.V., Titov V.N. The fatty acids of membranes of erythrocytes in women with ischemic heart disease under effect of statins 42

Remote academy of post-graduate education

Emanuel A.V., Ivanov G.A., Emanuel Yu.V. The analytic quality in laboratory medicine: problems and perspectives (a lecture) 29
Menshikov V.V. On the means of securing analytical reliability of laboratory results 37


Avdeyeva A.S., Aleksandrova E.N., Novikov A.A., Cherkasova M.V., Nasonov E.L. The immunologic predictors of effect of anti-Bcell therapy under rheumatoid arthritis 48
Tipisova E.V., Molodovskaya I.N. The ratio of hormones of system "hypophysis-thyroid" with level of dopamine and cyclic adenosine monophosphate of males in European North 52

Organization of laboratory service

The conciliation commission on organization of the Federation of laboratory medicine of Russia 58
Kochetov A.G. On specialists with university non-medical education 63


Gennadiy Vasiliyevitch Korshunov (to 75th anniversary)