Immunologiya №2 2014


Molecular immunology and immunogenetics

Pozdeeva O.S, Boldyreva M.N., Yankevich T.E., Alexeev L.P. The genes of the major histocompatibility class II in the population of Udmurts 60


Kadagidze Z.G., Chertkova A.I., Zabotina T.N., Korotkova O.V., Borunova A.A., Slavina E.G. Major subpopulations regulatory lymphocytes of patients with malignant melanoma and breast cancer 64
Deineko N.L., Bulycheva T.I., Grigoryev A.A., Kovrigina A.M., Volpina O.M., Vladimirova N.M. Immunocytochemical identification of monomeric and oligomeric forms of protein B23/nucleophosmin in lymphoid cell from patients with various lymphoproliferative diseases 68

Immunopathology and clinical immunology

Zheltikova T.M., Protasov P.G., Antropova A.B., Glushakova A.M, Mokronosova M.A. Galactomannan in polyp tissue as a diagnostic marker of fungal component in chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis 73
Petrov S.V., Seregin S.P., Novikov A.V., Agarkov N.M. Analysis of multimodal change settings immunity, depending on the clinical variant uncomplicated pyelonephritis during pregnancy for predicting 77
Saidov M.Z., Ramazanova P.K., Dzhamaludinov Y.A The state of systemic adaptive immunity and junction with production of antibodies to myelin protein zero (RO) protein in patients with sensorineural hearing loss 80
Semikina E.L., Rodionova T.V., Zakirov R.Sh., Filyanskaya E.G., Mayanskiy N.A. Methodical possibilities of evaluating the activation of lymphocytes in vitro 85
Sizyakina L.P., Andreeva I.I. Discordant adaptive and innate immune response for substitution therapy in patients with X-linked agammaglobulinemia 89

Brief communications

Rudenko K.A., Tuguz A.R., Anokhina E.N., Muzhenya D.V. Influence of genes IL-17A (G197/197A), TNF-A (G308/308A), IL-6 (C174/174G) polymorphisms on spontaneous and in vitro stimulated production of major pro-inflammatory cytokines in asthma 92


Potapnev M.P. Autophagy, apoptosis, necrosis and immune recognition of self and nonself 95
Aref'eva A.S. Role of apoptosis in the development of systemic autoimmune diseases 103
Gavrilova E.S., Tarasov S.A. Modern approaches to the investigation of natural antibodies to cytokines by various immunoassays 107
Sokolov D.I., Selkov S.A. Decidual macrophages: the role in immunologic dialogue of mother and the fetus 113
Shmagel’ K.V., Korolevskaya L.B., ChereshnevV.A.  Role of immune complexes in the activation of immune cells in HIV infection (hypothesis) 117