Gigiena i Sanitarija №1 2014


Problem-Solving Articles

Rakhmanin Y.A., Stekhin A.A., Yakovleva G.V. Electronic deficit as a possible health risk factor 5
Braubach М., Héroux M.E., Korol N., Paunovic Е., Zastenskaya I.A. The value of housing conditions and urban environment for the health 9
Mokienko A.V. disinfection of water: on the need for analysis and solution of fundamental and applied problems 15

Hygiene of the environment and localities

Unguryanu T.N., Novikov S. M. Results of health risk assessment due to exposure to contaminants in drinking water in Russia population (review of literature) 19
Meshkov N.A. Epidemiological analysis of the dynamics and structure of population mortality rate from malignant neoplasms in the city of Tomsk 25
Abakumov E.V., Lodygin E.D., Gabov D.A., Krylenkov V.A. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons content in Antarctica soils as exemplified by the Russian Polar stations 31
Dudarev А.A., Chupakhin V.S. Influence of exposure to persistent toxic substances (PTS) on pregnancy outcomes, gender ratio and menstrual status in indigenous females of Chukotka 36
Khomenko I.M., Omel'yanets N.I. Influence of the consumption of radioactive contaminated food on the formation of the irradiation levels and health of the inhabitants of radioactive contaminated regions of Ukraine 40
Rakhmanin Yu.A., Khripach L.V., Mikhaylova R.I., Koganova Z.I., Knyazeva T.D., Zheleznyak E.V., Savostikova O.N., Alekseeva A.V., Voinova I.V., Kruglova E.V. Comparative analysis of the influence of nano- and ionic forms of silver on biochemical indices in laboratory animals 45
Belyaeva N.N., Gasimova Z.M., Mikhaylova R.I., Savostikova O.N., Alekseeva A.V. Morphofunctional cell assessment of dynamics of silver nanoparticles exposure on the rat liver 50

Prevention of adverse health effects

Ivanov A.V., Tafeeva E.A., Davletova N.Kh. Hygienic evaluation of the effectiveness of the concept of improvement the water supply in the south-eastern region of the Republic of Tatarstan 54
Tarasov A.V., Koldunov I.N., Rakhmanov R.S. On the issue of optimization of adaptation process to new environment taking into consideration climate and weather conditions 58
Polka N.S., Koblyanskaya A.V. Prevention research within the frameworks of public health programs in Ukraine 60

Beletskaya E.N., Onul N.M., Glavatskaya V.I., Antonova E.V., Golovkova T.A. Clinical hygienic substantiation for the individual biocorrection of ecologically dependent conditions in the critical population groups industrial areas of Ukraine

Eliseev Yu.Yu., Sergeeva S.V., Kleshchina Yu.V. Complex strategies for management of child health in districts of endemic iodine deficiency in the Saratov region 68

Krasovskiy V.O. Forecast of costs of ecodependent cancer treatment for the development of management decisions


Occupational Hygiene

Fedotova I.V., Nekrasova M.M., Runova E.V., Bakhchina A.V., Bobokha M.A., Ashirova S.A., Karatushina D.I., Koval'chuk A.V., Shishalov I.S., Parin S.B., Polevaya S.A. Evaluation of the functional state of drivers by parameters of vegetative regulation of cardiac rhythm with the use of method of wireless cardiorhythmography 73
Kharchenko T.V., Arzhavkina L.G., Sinyachkin D.A., Yazenok A.V., Kryuchkova A.S. Smoking as an additional risk factor for the staff of chemically hazardous production facilities 77

Hygiene of Children and Adolescents

Bannikova L.P., Sebirzyanov M.D. Psychoemotional state and peculiarities of mental working capacity preschool children with mental retardation 80
Lezhnin V.L., Konshina L.G., Sergeyeva M.V. Assessment of children’s health risk posed by traffic-related air pollution as exemplified by the city of Salekhard 83
Lisetskaya L.G., Efimova N.V. Results of biomonitoring for zinc in children of the Irkutsk region 87
Sokolova N.V., Popov V.I., Kartysheva S.I., Koroleva A.O. Some aspects of prevention activity of the teacher, directed to the improvement of the health of schoolchildren 90

Methods of Hygienic Studies

Bogdanov N.A. Diagnosis of the territories with the use of integral indices of chemical contamination of soil and grounds, relied on the background and hygienic standards 92
Teksheva L.M., Zvezdina I.V. Methodological approaches to the hygienic evaluation of total artificial lighting of classrooms with different light sources on the basis of the response of the cardiovascular system of schoolchildren 98
Barkar A.A., Markina L.D. Features of adaptive responses in right-handers and left-handers, and their relationship to the functional activity of the brain 102

Zatsepina O.V., Stekhin A.A., Yakovleva G.V. Effects of quantum nonlocality in the water activation process


Hygienic Rating

Stepanova M.I., Sazanyuk Z.I., Laponova E.D., Voronova B.Z., Lashneva I.P. Justification of regulations for the use of computers with LCD monitor during academic studies 108
Makhnyuk V.M. Scientific approaches to modernization of the regulatory framework in the field of hygiene of planning and building of settlements in Ukraine 111


To the memory of Anatoliy Ivanovich Potapov 115

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