Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №4 2014



Amelyushkina V.A., Aripovskiy A.V., Titov V.N., Caba S.I., Kotkina T.I., Parkhimovitch R.M.
The fatty acids in blood plasma and erythrocytes in test of glucose tolerance
Razmakhnin E.V., Rhyshiktiyev B.S., Kitchigina V.A., Namdakov B.B. The atomic emission analysis under examination of content of gallstones 11
Pogociyan G.G., Mikayeliyan M.V., Avagiyan A.Kh., Gaspariyan V.K. The Annexin 5 in serums of pregnant women and patients with particular types of cancer 14
Galiyatina T.A., Ustiyantseva I.M., Khokhlova O.I. The characteristics of regulation of bone remodeling under inherent pathology of locomotive system in children 17

Remote academy of post-graduate education

Titov V.N. Insulin: initiation of pool of insulin-dependent cells, targeted transfer of triglycerides and increase of kinetic parameters of oxidation of fatty acids 27


Borisov Yu.A., Levykina E.N., Mindukshev I.V., Suglobova E.D. The modification of method of erythrograms in patients under chronic hemodyalisis using hardware-controlled administration of laser low-angle light scattering 22
Gluzman D.F., Skliyarenko S.M., Koval S.V., Ivanivskaya T.S. About possible additions to actual scheme of normal blood formation on the basis of study of leukemic blast cells 40


Starostina O.Yu., Panushkina I.I. The comparative characteristic of methods of laboratory diagnostic of opisthorchiasis 44
Silveiystrova O.Yu., Domonova E.A., Shipulina O.Yu. The validation of kit of reagents for quantitative detection of DNA of human cytomegalovirus in biological material using polymerase chain reaction technique in real time operation mode 46

Organization of laboratory service

Godkov M.A. The principles of centralization of laboratory research. The verbatim of discussion on issue of centralization of laboratory research at round-table discussion of October 3, 2013 50
Menshikov V.V. The optimization of health care expenses, centralization of laboratory research and accessibility of laboratory information 56

Laboratory medicine abroad

Alix-Panabieres C., Pantel K. The circulating tumor cells: liquid biopsy of cancer 60