Rossiyskiy Meditsinskiy Zhurnal №2 2014

Abstracts of the articles


Clinical medicine

Gorbunova E.V., Romanova M.P., Maksimov S.A., Mamtchur S.E. The life quality of patients after electropulse therapy under single- stage correction of mitral valve failure and fibrillation of atriums 4
Bulygin V.G., Bulygin G.V. The indicators of activity of enzymes and parameters of lipid spectrum in cells of liver in children under chronic viral hepatitis C 7
Skorogliyadov A.V., Liyadova M.V., Ratiyev A.P. The concept of improvement of quality of skilled medical care to victims of road accidents in conditions of multitype hospital 10
Gamzayev M.A. The arterial hypertension in women of reproductive age 12
Sorokina N.D., Selitskiy G.V., Terementseva E.S. The effectiveness of biofeedback therapy of headache of tension in patients with various characteristics of autonomous nervous system 15
Nerodo E.A., Nerodo G.A., Ivanova V.A. The analysis of terms of onset of recurrences and survival without recurrences of patients with cancer of vulva 18
Tulina I.A. Kravtchenko A.Yu., Tananiyan A.O., Bredikhin M.I., Tsarkov P.V. The new view at inter-sphincter resection in case of cancer of inferior ampullar section of rectum 22
Vagina I.L., Khelminskaya N.M., Istomina I.S., Grubova L.V., Glazkov Yu.B. The evaluation of effectiveness of application of extremely high frequencies and extremely high frequencies- laser combined effect in complex treatment of patients with pyo- inflammatory diseases of maxillo-facial area 23
Kiselnikova L.P., Alekseyeva I.A., Danilova I.G., Gette I.F., Ojgikhina N.V. The analysis of characteristics of phosphoric calcium metabolism in pathogenesis of caries in children of adolescent age 27

Clinical pharmacology and pharmaceuticals

Kazakov A.S., Astakhova A.V., Lepakhin V.K. Rivaroxaban: the risk of development of undesirable reactions of interaction 31


Kulikov A.V., Shifman E.M., Spirin A.V. The hepatic pathology in obstetrics 37


Mokhova O.I., Damulin I.V. Dementia: the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects 45
Andreitchev N.A., Baleyeva L.V. Anemia of chronic diseases 50


In memoriam of Yuriy Pavlovitch Lisitsyn 56