Zdravookhranenie Rossiyskoy Federatsii №1 2014

Shabalin V.N. The psychology of longevity 3
Gundarov I.A., Polesskiy V.A. The management of individual health reserves: the new strategy of preventive medicine 6
Prilipko N.S., Bant'eva M.N. The need of adult population of Russia in medical rehabilitation in hospital conditions 11
Kobyakova O.S., Starovoytova E.A., Kulikov E.S., Kirillova N.A., Deyev I.A., Boykov V.A., Laricheva O.N., Chatorova Yu.G., Kosova N.V., Muzykina M.N., Al'mikeyeva A.A., Balaganskaya M.A., Mazeina S.V. The model of visitor of health centers of Tomsk oblast and prevalence of main risk factors of chronic noninfectious diseases in visitors of health centers 16
Kungurov N.V., Zilberberg N.V., Ufimtseva M.A., Iglikov V.A. The experience of organization of system of control and management of quality and availability of the specialized medical care in the Ural federal okrug 20
Moskvitin P.N., Zakharenkov V.V. The psycho-hygienic model of prevention of addiction in school children 27
Yablonskiy P.K., Sukhovskaya O.A. The organization of counseling phone support of giving up smoking in the Russian Federation 30
Lyadova M.V., Tuchik E.S. The issues of expertise of medical care quality in the light of changes in legislation and development of standardization of public health of the Russian Federation 34
Khamitova R.Ya., Mirsaitova G.T. The population morbidity in conditions of lasting moderate application of pesticides 38
Voloshina I.M. The relationship of character of course of pregnancy and presence of somatic and stomatological pathology in anamnesis 43

History of public health and medicine

Ivanyushkin A.Ya. K.E. Tziolkovskiy and Russian eugenics 48
Mendrina G.I., Mochalina L.A. A.G. Svatikova: the first woman in the world elected as the head of chair of eye diseases 52

Letters to editor

Cherepov V.M., Sobolevskaya O.V., Anan'ina L.G., Khmel' A.A. The problems of modernization of public health in the Russian Federation (according to results of survey of specialists-public health organizers) 56