Rossiyskiy Meditsinskiy Zhurnal №1 2014


Health organization and public health

Polunina N.V., Kryukov A.I., Voloshin A.A. The role of medical activity in health amelioration of patients with pyoinflammatory pathology of ENT organs 4
Gontcharov N.G., Boiytchenko Yu.Ya. The actual requirements to list of jobs (services) under licensing of medical activity 7

Clinical medicine

Bikbov B.T., Tomilina N.A. The early detection of chronic disease of kidneys: marker of succession in treatment of patients effect on survival and cardiovascular lethality of patients on dialysis 12
Zagorodniy N.V., Sampiyev M.T., Laka A.A., Balashov S.P., Malkov V.S., Ramlugon K. The surgical correction of severe forms of idiopathic scoliosis 17
Andreyevskaya E.M., Minishkina L.O. The evaluation of risk cardiovascular complications in women at menopause: the significance of detection of highly sensitive C-reactive protein 22
Kobyliyanskiy V.I., Babadjanova G.Yu.  About the diagnostic of disorder of tolerance to glucose and diabetes mellitus in patients with chronic obstructive lungs' disease. 26
Obolenskiy V.N. The technique of local negative pressure in treatment of purulent septic complications of endocorrection of scoliosis 30
Sorokina N.D., Selitskiy G.V., Klimina N.V., Terementseva E.S. The comparative effectiveness of electromyography and electroencephalography of biofeedback therapy of headache of tension in patients with different psycho-physiological characteristics 35
Gorbunova E.V., Kudriyavtseva N.G., Gorshkova T.V., Romanova M.P., Marsimov S.A., Makarov S.A., Barbarash O.L. The educational program for patients with prosthetic cardiac valve 39
Dobrokhotova Yu.E., Kapranov S.A., Knysheva I.G., Khatchatriyan A.S., Ibragimova D.M., Aliyeva A.A., Djobava E.M., Grishin I.I. The embolization of uterine arteries in obstetrics and gynecology 42
Ryabtseva O.Yu., Blankova Z.N., Orlova Ya.A., Chazova T.E. The effect of substitutive therapy with levothyroxine on condition of vascular wall in women with hypothyroidism and arterial hypertension in period of menopause 47

Case stady

Arustamiyan R.R., Liyashko E.S., Shifman E.M., Konysheva O.V., Vorykhayev A.V. The rupture of arteriovenous malformation during pregnancy and in postnatal period 54