Regionalnaya anesteziya i lechenie ostroy boli №2 2014



A. M. Ovechkin. Postoperative analgesia in obstetrics and gynecology: foreign guidelines and our reality 5

Original articles

R. E. Lakhin. Hydrodynamics of hyperbaric solution for spinal anesthesia in the experiment 17
V. E. Khoronenko, V. V. Petrova, I. I. Stenina The use of nephopam for prophylaxis of acute opioid tolerance and postoperative pain management in cancer surgery 26
A. A. Antipov, K. A. Linev, V. S. Pediashov, G. A. Yakovleva. Postoperative pain audit 31


E. M. Shifman, G. V. Filippovich. Selected chapters from monograph «Spinal Anesthesia in Obstetrics». Post spinal  puncture  headache 37

Case report

S. I. Sitkin, A. M. Ronenson. Yu. V. Savelieva. Neuroaxial anesthesia during Cesarean Section in parturients with kyphoscoliosis 49
V. V. Balandin, E. S. Gorobets. Nonopioid anesthesia/ analgesia and sedation in oncologic patient with long –term drug abuse in anamnesis (clinical case) 54

Our forum

I. B. Zabolotskih, K. M. Lebedinskiy, A. A. Belkin, A. V. Butrov, A. N. Kondratiev, A. Yu. Lubnin, M. A. Magomedov, E. M. Nikolaenko, A. M. Ovechkin, E. M. Shifman, A. V. Shchegоv. Perioperative man- agement of patients with neuromuscular disease (project of FAR clinical guidelines) 58

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