Rossiiskii Stomatologicheskii Zhurnal №2 2014



Anisimova S.V., Lebedenko I.Yu., Levin V.M., Makarychev Yu.B., Podzorova L.I., Khvan V.I., Morokov E.S. Study of the zone contact and adhesion of nanostructured ceramics on the basis of zirconium dioxide with a facing material in all-ceramic dental prostheses 4
Bronshteyn D.A., Lerner A.Ya., Kononenko V.I., Magamedkhanov Yu.M., Zharov A.V. Experimental study of the biocompatibility of a metal-free ceramic and metal-ceramic dentures in cell culture fibroblasts 9
Parunov V.A., Kozlov O.V., Kozlov V.A. Study of physico-mechanical properties of a new alloy based on palladium for non-removable dentures "Palladint UNI" 11
Saakyan Sh. Kh., Kalamkarov A. E. The analysis of changes in bone at orthopedic treatment of patients with defects of tooth alignments with use the dental implants 13
Selektor O.N., Osintsev A.V., Kosyreva T.F. Definition of tooth rotation by holographic interferometry 17
Semennikova N.V., Shashkov Yu.V., Semennikov V.I. Clinical laboratory estimation of the effectiveness of laser cystektomy of odontogenous cyst, that germinate the bottom of the upper maxillary cavity 19


Alexeeva S.R., Arzumanova R.V. Complex etiotropic therapy of sialadenitis complicated periodontitis 22
Arzumanova R.V., Alexeeva S.R. Optimization of inflammatory periodontal using physical factors of influence 24
Borisova Z.S., Molokanov N.Ya., Dekhnich S.N. Dental status of medical workers of the Kaliningrad region 27
Buryagina N.V., Prashchayev K.I., Bessarabov V.I. Influence of age and somatic pathology to the assessment of the condition of mucosal immunity of oral caviny in chronic apical periodontitis 30
Kochurova Е.V., Kozlov S.V., Guyter O.S. Positive production timekeeping of a maxilla hollow obturator 32
Lapina N.V., Akopova V. A., Starchenko T.P., Skorikov Yu.V. Dynamics of dental status in the process of orthopedic rehabilitation of patients with diseases of cardiovascular system 34
Hasyanov D.Sh., Panin A.M. Improvement of dental surgery of patients undergoing heart surgery 37
Shabalin V.N., Rasumova S.N., Uvarova D.S. Age dynamics of oral liquid chemical elements composition 41
Shaykhaliev A.I. , Krasnov M.S., Karasenkov Ya.N., Yamskova V. P., Yamskov I. A., Arazashvili L.D. The use of new biocomposite materials on the basis Nikolayevich proteins affecting osteoreparation process in maxillofacial surgery and traumatology. Clinical case 43


Butova V. G., Umarova K. V., Boykov M.I. Мedical care of adults with diseases of parodont at the compulsory health insurance program 46
Egorova T.A., Vuraki N.K., Dikanova M.V. Оverview of socio-hygienic conditions of working in orthopedic dentistry. Мeasures for the protection of dentists labor 49
Mkhitaryan A.K., Аgranovich N.V. Issues of prevention of dental diseases and the relationship between the periodontal tissues and the level of the individual oral hygiene 51