Zdravookhranenie Rossiyskoy Federatsii №3 2014

Kuchma V.R., Makarova A.Yu., Rappoport I.K. Health care of children in educational facilities of the Russian Federation: problems and means of resolution 4
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Sazonova N.V., Ovchinnikov E.N., Voronovich E.A., Golobokova I.A. A system of quality management in Ilizarov Center as one of the key components in health care facility management 19
Miloserdov M.A., Maslova N.N. An analysis of calls for emergency care ambulance because of acute cerebrovascular pathology in five-year dynamics in Smolensk 24
Poliyakov K.I., Kutlumuratov A.B., Waisbein I.Z., Popov M.S. Changes in survival rates for patients with malignant neoplasms of mammary glands in Kaliningrad region 28
Kungurov N.V., Syrneva T.A., Zilberberg N.V., Malyshevskaya N.P., Ufimtseva M.A. An innovative experience in organizing systematic efforts to prevent spreading of sexually transmitted infections in the Ural federal district 34
Severina O.G., Nenasheva N.V., Cherkashina I.V., Aleksandrov A.V., Romanov A.I., Zborovskaya I.A. Quality of life as a marker of effectiveness in the application of general magnetotherapy for rehabilitation of patients with rheumatoid arthritis 37
Shabunova A.A., Korchagina P.S. The impact of self-preserving components of behavior on the presence of chronic diseases and health self-reports in the population 40
Boyev V.S. Human resource issues in public health system of a highly industrialized municipal district 44
Zakharov N.B. The development of inpatient psychiatric care in Kirov region 47


Tursunov R.A. The significance of sexual transmission in the development of HIV-infection 51