Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №5 2014



Scherbo S.N., Scherbo D.S. The laboratory medicine as a foundation for personalized medicine. The application of biochips in medicine 4
Nikitina V.V., Zakharova N.B., Gladilin G.P., Korshunov G.V. The impact of concentrations of nitric oxide and activity of oxistat on development of inflammatory alterations in vascular wall 11
Mishlanov V.Yu., Sukhanov S.G., Sandakov P.Ya., Ronzin A.V., Vladimirskiy V.E., Syromiyatnikova L.I., Polovinkina T.A., Seredenko N.N., Kharuzina O.V. The α-defensins,  peptides and proteins synthesized and liberated by neutrophils under atherosclerosis of different localization 13
Osotchuk S.S., Martsinkevitch A.F. The lipid composition of membranes of erythrocytes in athletes of cyclic types of sport hematology 17
Zubrikhina G.N., Blindar V.N., Matveyeva I.I. The possibilities of modern automated clinical blood analysis in differentiated diagnostic of true and redistributing (functional) iron deficiency under anemic syndrome in oncologic patients 21
Petrova O.V., Shashin S.A., Tarasov D.G. The significance of immature granulocytes in diagnostic of infectious inflammatory processes in cardiosurgery patients 25

Remote academy of post-graduate education

Tyukavkina S.Yu., Kharseyeva G.G. The reactions of hypersensitivity: the mechanisms of development, clinical manifestations, principles of diagnostic (a lecture) 27


Akhapkina I.G., Krakhanenkova S.N., Dobronravova E.V., Shushpanova E.N. The study of profile of hypersensitivity to pollen and fungal allergens in the Moscow region 41


Dolgikh T.I., Barinov S.V., Kadtsyna T.V. The diagnostic value of antibodies to annexin and B2-glycoprotein for verification of active course of herpesviral infections of pregnant women 44
Pudova E.A., Markelov M.L., Dedkov V.G., Tchekanova T.A., Sadjin A.I., Kirdiyashkina N.P., Bekova M.V., Deviyatkin A.A., Shipulin G.A. The development of reagents set in the format of DNA-chip for genetic typing of strains of Vibrio cholerae 47
Sivolodskiy E.P. The vibrio-static test with niclosamide to identify bacteria of genus Vibrio 53

Organization of laboratory service

Watson I.D. From laboratory to practice: counseling with clinicians 56
Menshikov V.V. The laboratory specialist and clinical interpretation of laboratory results 60