Zdravookhranenie Rossiyskoy Federatsii №2 2015


Trifonova Natalya Yu., Plavunov N.F., Boyko Yu.P., Gal' I.G.
The principles of quality management in medical care
Putintseva Alesya S., Bredneva N.D., Ugryumova T.A.
The workmanship of medical and pharmaceutical personnel as a guarantee of quality medical and medicinal care to population
Bogza Olesya G., Goleva O.P.
The analysis of level of infant mortality of congenital malformations and means of its decreasing in the Omsk region
Khromushina T.S., Aksenov Valeriy A.
The analysis of sectorial differences in morbidity with temporary disability in the Orenburg region
Zhuntova G.V., Azizova Tamara V., Bannikova M.V., Belyaeva Z.D., Bragin E.V., Grigoryeva E.S., Moseeva M.B., Fomin E.P.
The morbidity of chronic bronchitis of workers of the nuclear enterprise "Mayak"
Pasechnik Oksana A., Rudneva S.N., Tatarintseva M.P., Shakhova T.A.
The dynamics of morbidity and risk factors of development of HIV-associated tuberculosis in the Omsk region
Odintsova Irina N., Pisareva L.F., Ananina O.A., Khryapenkov A.V.
The morbidity of malignant neoplasms of urban and rural population of the Republic of Altai
Spirin A.V., Buyanov E.S., Starshov A.M., Novikova Tamara A., Rakhimov R.B.
The new method of evaluation of share of fat in structure of body mass as indicator of nutritive status of machine operators of agriculture
Erlikh Aleksey D., Erlikh A.D.
Does quality of functioning of polyclinics changed after last one-two years?


Ilicheva Svetlana A., Zaridze D.G.
The actual condition of problem of evaluation of potential carcinogenic danger of lead and its compounds
Gubin A.V., Borzunov D.Yu., Voronovich E.A., Borzunova Olga B., Belokon' N.S., Goncharuk E.V.
The problems of age continuity in orthopedics