Rossiiskii Meditsinskii Zhurnal №2 2015


Health care and public health

Kaprin A.D., Starinskii V.V., Aleksandrova Larisa M., Chissov V.I., Balashov P.Yu., Lutkovskii A.S., Savinov V.V.
The development of oncological care in the Russian Federation in view of implementation of public programs
Skvirskaia G.P., Pushkova Svetlana I.
The analysis of the Federal normative legal base in sphere of paid medical services in public and municipal health institutions of the Russian Federation
Sabaev Aleksandr V., Goleva O.P., Zubenko L.A.
The comparative analysis of average duration of treatment of victims with different forms of acute intoxications of chemical etiology in 2006 and 2013

Clinical medicine

Jukova Dar'ya G., Fedenko E.S., Yudin A.A., Lebedeva N.V., Nikitin A.E., Loshkareva E.O.
The algorithm of verification of risk of reactions of hypersensitivity to medicinal remedies in peri-operational period
Abdrakhmanova Zhanar S., Rakhimjanova R.I., Junusov E.T., Sultangereev A.B.
The actual possibilities of radiological diagnostics under endoprosthesis replacement of knee joints in patients with hemophiliac arthropathies
Saribekian Erik K., Stepanov S.O., Rubtsova N.A., Ermakov A.V., Maiorova M.V.
The thickness of skin of mammary gland as factor of diagnostics of edematous cancer
Surikova E.I., Goroshinskaia Irina A., Maksimova N.A., Kachesova P.S., Sergeeva M.M.
The diagnostic value of determination of haptoglobin level and ceruloplasmin activity in patients with ovary cancer
Turkina Tatyana I., Scherbo S.N., Vaganov P.D., Talitskii V.V., Mandjiev E.T.
The inertness of lymphocitic Fc-receptors under effect of prostaglandins and isoproterenol and alteration of lipid metabolism in children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
Rustamova Lala I., Alieva N.N., Kulieva Z.M., Azizova N.A., Mamedova M.N.
The results of epidemiological surveillance of enterovirus gastroenteritis on social ecosystem, cellular and sub-cellular levels in Azerbaijan

Clinical pharmacology and medicinal agents

Rostova Natalia B.
The international recommendations and national perspectives of rational application of pharmaceuticals for resolving issues of medicinal support of population


Scherbakova I.V., Bardenshtein L.M., Averianova S.V.
The approaches to diagnostic and treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders in oncological patients
Tarasova Lyudmila G., Streltsova E.N.
The immune aspects of collagen metabolism under tuberculosis

Book review

Solun Mirra N.
The book review of the handbook for physicians “Endocrinology” edited by V.V. Potemkin