Rossiiskii Meditsinskii Zhurnal №3 2015


Health care and public health

Starodubov V.I., Ivanova M.A., Sokolovskaia Tat'yana A.
The activities of ophthalmologists in the Russian Federation from the point of view of the pilot subjects during 2007-2012

Clinical medicine

Patrikeev A.V., Rudman V.Ya., Maksimkin Daniil A. , Mambetov A.V., Veretnik G.I., Baranovich V.Yu., Faibushevich A.G., Shugushev Z.H.
The possibilities of improvement of diagnosis of patients with post-infarction cardiosclerosis
Mescheriagina Ivanna A., Scripnikov A.A.
The application of combined electrostimulation under isolated and comorbide injuries of peripheral nerves of upper and lower extremities
Politov Mikhail E. , Shteinmetz A.A., Krasnoselskiy M.Ya., Bastrikin S.Yu., Bulanova E.L., Ovechkin A.M.
The comparative analysis of methods of evaluation of cognitive dysfunction in peri-operational period in patients of elder age after endoprosthesis replacement of hip and knee joints
Shulutko A.M., Osmanov El'chan G., Novikova I.V., Mansurova G.T., Gorbacheva O.Yu., Mahmudov E.M.
The application of air-plasma technology under late pyoinflammatory complications of injection contour plastic
Adilova Leyla R., Adamian L.V., Liashko E.S., Shifman E.M., Tulkina E.E., Konisheva O.V.
The outcomes of pregnancy and delivery in women with mechanical prostheses of cardiac valves
Tirskaia Yuliya I., Barinov S.V., Pianova L.G., Blauman S.I.
The prevention of postnatal endometriosis in puerperae with different degree of infection risk with implementation of application form of sorbent agent
Ianovskaia Elina Yu., Artamonov R.G., Vaganov P.D.
The disease of hands, feet, mouth associated with infection of Coxsackie virus A6 and A10


Krasnovskiy Aleksandr L., Loshkareva E.O.
The bronchial asthma in pregnant women: view of internist

Practice case

Oganesian Oganes G. , Chentsova E.V., Pogorelova S.S.
The transplantation of Descemet's membrane with endothelium in the eye with irideremia
Yudin A.A., Yudin A.L., Nikitin A.E., Yumatova E.A., Loshkareva E.O., Tatarinova Viktoriya K.
The diagnostic and treatment of acute interstitial pneumonia