Rossiyskaya pediatricheskaya oftalmologiya №1 2009

4 Khlebnikova O. V., Kadyshev V. V., Beklemishcheva N. A. Hereditary isolated cataracts: features of clinical picture, diagnostics and prophylaxis    | Summary & Literature
8 Neroyev V. V., Khvatova A. V., Sudovskaya T. V. Unilateral congenital cataracts in children (clinical classification, indications for surgery, terms of surgical treatment)    | Summary & Literature
13 Neroyev V. V., Teplinskaya L. E., Sudovskaya T. V. Clinical immunologic studies in prognostication of post-op period in children in congenital cataract extraction    | Summary & Literature
15 Neroyev V. V., Zueva M. V., Sudovskaya T. V. Study of the fellow phakic eyes in unilateral congenital cataracts in children. Clinical functional characteristics    | Summary & Literature
18 Nesterov A. P., Bondar N. O., Sidorenko E. I. Intraocular pressure of newborn infant    | Summary & Literature
20 Zubareva L. N., Ovchinnikova A. V., Belousova S. N. Ultrasonic biomicroscopy in study of the causes of ophthalmic hypertension recurrence in children in long terms of antiglaucomatous surgery: a sight from within    | Summary & Literature
23 Zubareva L. N., Ovchinnikova A. V., Belousova S. N. Ultrasonic biomicroscopy in study of surgically formed drainage pathway in normotonic children: a sight from within    | Summary & Literature
26 Shilovskikh O. V., Naumov K. G., Malov I. A. Diode-laser transscleral cyclocoagulation in treatment of refractory glaucoma in children    | Summary & Literature
29 Zubareva L. N., Ovchinnikova A. V., Kutya Yu.V. Some factors contributing to refractogenesis inhibition    | Summary & Literature
31 Filinova O. B. Dynamics of refraction and muscular balance in children on the background of permanent mild-myopic defocusing in binocular and monocular alternating format    | Summary & Literature
34 Kulikova I. L. Laser thermokeratoplasty in correction of induced post-traumatic cornea astigmatism in children    | Summary & Literature
36 Guseva M. R. Neuropeptide therapy in pediatric ophthalmologic practice    | Summary & Literature
42 Driga E. S. Effectiveness of cortexine in amblyopia treatment in children    | Summary & Literature
44 Katayev M. G., Orudjov N. Z. Elasticity of levator as a significant factor in surgical treatment of the upper eyelid ptosis    | Summary & Literature
48 Moshetova L. K., Kochergin S. A., Kryukova E. A. Frequency of ocular traumatism in emergency in megapolis    | Summary & Literature
50 Kantargi E. P., Listopadova N. A., Rabadanova M. G., Sergeyeva E. S. Preliminary results of lutein-vitamin complex application in functional correction of vision in patients with pathology of macular area of the retina    | Summary & Literature
54 Nesterov A. P., Fyodorov A. A., Bondar N. O., Sidorenko E. I. Development of the system ciliary body – drainage apparatus of the eye in children with various gestational ages    | Summary & Literature