Rossiiskaya Pediatricheskaya Oftal'mologiya №3 2015


Clinical investigations

Galeeva Guzel’ Zakirovna, Samoilov A.N.
Acquired dacriocystites in the young children: the clinical features, etiology, treatment strategy
Denisova Ekaterina Valer’evna, Katargina L.A., Slepova O.S., Starikova A.V., Lyubimova N.V., Osipova N.A.
Do infection and its activation influence the effectiveness of the treatment of uveitis with genetically engineered biological drugs?
Drozdova E.A., Yadykina Elena Vladimirovna
The risk factors of uveitis in the children presenting with juvenile idiopathic arthritis
Egorova Tat’yana Semenovna
The state of the locomotor apparatus in the visually impaired children and adolescents
Katargina L.A., Mazanova Ekaterina Viktorovna, Tarasenkov A.O.
The specific clinical and functional features of congenital aniridia with a concomitant pathology
Kovalevskaya Mariya Aleksandrovna, Bogatyreva E.S.
The strategy of an ophthalmologist choosing the combined treatment modality for the management of habitual accommodation overstrain based on the analysis of the dynamic colour perception
Korobova Lyudmila Sergeevna, Poduskov E.V., Legostaeva O.A., Gorbunova E.D., Milashchenko T.A., Erashov M.A.
The experience with the use of pterygo-palatine anesthesia for the osteoplastic interventions in pediatric ophthalmic surgery
Saakyan S.V., Amiryan Anush Gamletovna, Tsygankov A.Yu.
Uveal melanoma in the children and adolescents: the analysis of the original observations of 21 patients
Khamraeva Lola Salimovna, Usmanova E.A., Bobokha L.Yu.
The specific clinical features of the changes in the organ of sight of the children presenting with the perinatal lesion of the central nervous system

Guidelines for practitioners

Arestova Nataliya Nikolaevna, Katargina L.A., Kalinichenko R.V.
The laser-assisted treatment of iris flocculi in the children
Sudovskaya T.V., Bobrovskaya Yuliya Andreevna, Kokoeva N.Sh.
Lochmann’s syndrome in the child. A case report

Organization of pediatric ophthalmological care

Merabishvili Vakhtang Mikhailovich, Punanov Yu.A., Demin E.V., Merabishvili E.N., Vorob’eva L.A.
Epidemiology and survival of the children aged 0-14 years presenting with malignant neoplasms of the eye and its adnexa in Sankt-Peterburg
Federal clinical recommendations "Diagnostics, monitoring and treatment of the children with congenital cataract" 50