Rossiyskaya pediatricheskaya oftalmologiya №2 2009

4 Sidorenko E. I. Let’s preserve pediatric ophthalmology!    | Resume, key words, literature
7 Somov E. E., Sokolov V. O., Ershova R. V., Shilova L. V. Prevalence of myopia among children of St. Petersburg and organization of work with them    | Resume, key words, literature
10 Khatsenko I. E., Markova E. Yu., Astasheva I. B., Lobanova I. V., Gordeyev P. A. On correctness of optic coherent tomography use for diagnostics of optic nerve pathology in children with retinopathy of prematurity scarry stages    | Resume, key words, literature
14 Mosin I. M., Slavinskaya N. V., Balayan I. G., Neudakhina E. A., Selin D. S. Neuropathy caused by the optic nerve druses in children    | Resume, key words, literature
17 Malinovskaya N. A., Troyanovsky R. L., Stepanov V. V., Baranov A. V. Clinical features of orbital fractures with bone fragments displacement beyond the orbit in children    | Resume, key words, literature
22 Katayev M. G., Orudjov N. Z. New combined method of surgical treatment for severe blepharoptosis: method of suspension to the brow and Whittle’s ligament    | Resume, key words, literature
25 Guseva M. R., Markova E. Yu., Matveyev A. V., Uchaueva N. S., Filatova N. V. "Lutein complex for children" in eye diseases in children    | Resume, key words, literature
31 Sidorenko E. I., Markova E. Yu., Matveyev A. V. Computer vision syndrome    | Resume, key words, literature
34 Demidova M. Yu., Obrubov S. A., Tumasyan A. R., Svirichevsky I. V., Bespalyuk Yu.G., Chinenov I. M., Bogrash G. I. Effectiveness of informative wave technique for the treatment of progressing myopia associated with connective tissue dysplasia in children    | Resume, key words, literature
38 Pavlova Yu.A., Somov E. E. Dry eye syndrome in patients who underwent laser keratomileusis in situ    | Resume, key words, literature
41 Bikbov M. M., Khusnitdinov I. I., Khusnitdinova S. R. Laser scanning confocal microscopy of the cornea in children after LASIK in pseudophakic eyes with residual myopia    | Resume, key words, literature
46 Sidorenko E. I., Bondar N. O. Problems of tonometry in neonatal ophthalmology    | Resume, key words, literature
50 Bastrikov N. I., Epikhin A. N., Shimko Yu. N. To the problem of permeability disturbance and inflammatory diseases of lacrimal excretory system classification    | Resume, key words, literature
53 Sidorenko E. I., Khurai A. K., Khurai A. R., Fedorov A. A. Histomorphologic control of results of artificial material application in rabbit’s cornea in intrastromal tunnel keratoplasty    | Resume, key words, literature
55 Pleskova A. V. Penetrating keratoplasty in corneal opacity in children: subjective, objective and informational grounds of surgical solution    | Resume, key words, literature