Regionarnaya anesteziya i lechenie ostroy boli №4 2015


Original articles

Balykova Elena V., Khachaturova E. A., Savushkin A. V., Gubko A. V.
Epidural anesthesia as a base of anesthesiological support of laporoscopic colorectal surgery in patients of elderly and senile age
Malyshev Anatoly A., Sviridov S. V., Sharipov R. H.
Prolonged epidural analgesia during perioperative period in patients undergone laparoscopic surgery on gastrointestinal tract
Politov Mikhail E. , Bastrikin S. Yu., Bulanova E. L., Ovechkin A. M.
The influence of anesthesiological tactics on developing of cognitive disorders following endoplastic surgery on hip and knee joints
Matlubov Mansur M. , Semenikhin A. A., Abidov A. K., Rakhimov A. U., Khamdamova E. G.
Epidural-sacral anesthesia as an alternative variant to spinal-epidural blocks during abdominal delivery
Imaev Aleksandr A., Dolmatova E. V., Kulikov A. S., Lubnin A. Yu.
Using of transdermal therapeutic system Durogesic® for acute postoperative pain therapy in patients after craniotomy


Ayzenberg V. L., Ulrikh Gleb E. , Tsypin L. E., Zabolotskiy D. V.
Selected chapters from the monograph “Regional Anesthesia in Pediatrics'! Regional Anesthesia in vertebrology

Case report

Koryachkin Victor A. , Mal’tsev M. P., Lis’kov M. A., Mokhanna M., Geras’kov Ye.V.
Catheter breakage during epidural anesthesia
Shmigel’skiy Aleksandr V. , Polupan A. A., Kulikov A. S., Arefiev A. M.
Intraoperative developing of critical bradyarrhythmia while applying of dexmedetomidine

Conferences and Meetings

Post-release of the First Plenary session of Association of obstetric anesthesiologists-resuscitators that took place in Moscow 13-16 of October 2015 59