Sotsiologia meditsiny №2 2015


Theory and methodology

Reshetnikov A.V., Stadchenko N.N., Sobolev K.E., Kazakova A.A.
The Russian physicians on alterations in national health care system and mandatory medical insurance
Dimov A.S.
The sociology of physician: in-between ideal and real. Part I. On methodology and methods of cognition of status of physician before becoming of sociology of medicine (Literature review)


Farber E.V., Sergeev Yu.D., Shurupova R.V.
The sociological and legal aspects of mistakes making by physicians and patients
Shamlikashvili Ts.A., Ostrovskii A.N., Silnitskaia A.S., Kabanova E.V.
The implementation of system of effective prevention and resolution of conflicts into practice of Russian health care as a response to challenge of time: main tasks and means of their solution

Medical sociological studies

Artamonova G.V., Kryuchkov D.V., Danilchenko Ya.V., Kostomarova T.S., Shapovalov D.G.
The opinion of personnel of research medical institution concerning system of quality management
Pavlenko E.V.
The physicians in conditions of e-health care: attitude of specialists to application of computer and Internet in professional activities
Zaitseva N.V., Prisiajnaia N.V., Bogachanskaia N.N., Pavlov S.V., Shurupova R.V., Dubograii E.V., Vorobieva G.Yu.
The timekeeping of working time as a tool of evaluation and development of organizational structure in medical institution

Quality of life

Kardash O.I.
The occupational therapy as rehabilitation technology for patients after stroke
Sukhanov V.G.
The dependence of indicators of quality of life of disabled persons with stoma from applied model of management of social rehabilitation

Sociology of medical profession

Petrova L.E.
The professional universe of physician in modern Russian society
Reshetnikov V.A., Korshever N.G., Dorovskaia A.I.
The management of carrier of medical staff in medical organizations
Maslak E.E., Naumova V.N.
The position of therapists concerning issues of interaction with stomatologists under treatment of patients with cardio-vascular diseases