Gigiena i Sanitariia №8 2015


Problem Solving Articles

Shandala Mihail G.
Creation of the unified system of anti-microbial and microbial protection as actual hygienic problem

Hygiene of the environment and localities

Stepanova N.V., Valeeva Emiliya R., Giniatullina R.R.
Regional features of the noninfectious morbidity in population in the Republic of Tatarstan
Khamitova Raissa Ya.
Chemical factor in the development of endocrine diseases
Kamalova F.M., Valeeva Emiliya R., Stepanova N.V.
Modern trends in the mortality of the population in the Republic of Tatarstan

Occupational hygiene

Rodkin Victor P., Usatov A.N.
Hygienic assessment of working conditions and health of employees of the «Siberian Lift Co., Ltd.»
Pasechnik Oksana A., Plotnikova O.V.
Occupational prevalence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection among healthcare workers
Kovalenko A.V., Brusentsova A.V., Sokhoshko Igor A., Rostikov V.P.
Hygienic assessment of working conditions of employees of broadcasting center
Kharchenko Tatyana V., Arzhavkina L.G., Siniachkin D.A., Yazenok A.V.
Chromosomal disorders in workers of chemically hazardous enterprises with the different health status

Food hygiene

Glagoleva Oksana N., Turchaninov D.V., Boyarskaya L.A., Bogdashin I.V.
Hygienic substantiation of the prevention of nutrition associated anemia with the aid of fortified fermented milk bioproduct
Kozubenko Olga V., Turchaninov D.V., Boyarskaya L.A., Glagoleva O.N., Pogodin I.S., Luksha E.A.
Hygienic assessment of water-soluble vitamins content in the food ration of adolescents
Blinova Elena G., Akimova I.C., Bogunova O.C., Demakova L.V.
Body composition and consumatory behavior of students
Shirlina Natalya G., Vilms E.A., Stasenko V.L.
Nutrition as a possible risk factor for breast cancer
Boyarskaya Larisa A., Turchaninov D.V., Efremenko E.S., Bogdashin I.V., Vilms E.A., Yunatskaya T.A.
Study of glutathione and enzymes of its metabolism under the influence of enriched dairy products for prophylactic use in conditions of oxidative stress caused by excessive exercise
Vilms Elena A., Turchaninova M.S., Shupina M.I., Gogol D.M., Turchaninov D.V.
Hygienic assessment of the lipid component in the structure of nutrition of student young adults
Glagoleva Oksana N., Turchaninova M.S., Vilms E.A., Kozubenko O.V., Bogdashin I.V.
Hygienic substantiation of nutritional prevention of hypovitaminosis B9 and B12 in the population of the Omsk region

Hygiene of children and adolescents

Ivanova Ekaterina A., Plotnikova O.V., Demchenko V.G., Glotov A.V.
Role of factors of the environment of education and training in the formation of the dysplasia of the connective tissue in adolescence
Denisov A.P., Semenova Natalya V., Kun O.A., Denisova O.A.
Comprehensive assessment of health in babies of early preschool age
Tunakova Julia A., Fayzullin R.I., Valiev V.S., Galimova A.R.
Health risk assessment of the child population in the consumption of tap water its secondary pollution

Preventive toxicology and hygienic rating

Shandala M.G., Fedorova L.S., Pankratova G.P., Efimov K.M., Dityuk Aleksandr I., Snezhko A.G., Bogdanov A.I.
Hygienic substantiation of the development and use of polyguanidines as antimicrobial prophylactic means of the innovative class

Book review

Shestopalov N.V., Shandala M.G.
Review of the monograph “Analysis of health risk in the strategy of the Public socioeconomic development”, prepared under the general editorship of Academician RAS G.G. Onishchenko, Acad. RAS N.V. Zaitseva

Jubilee Dates

Academician of the RAS, MD, PhD, G.G. Onishchenko (the 65th anniversary) 83
MD, PhD, DSc, Professor N.V. Shestopalov (the 65th anniversary) 84