Klinicheskaya Meditsina №2 2010


4 Dzherieva I.S., Volkova N.I. Arterial hypertension and metabolic disorders    | Resume, key words, literature
8 Volosnikov D.K., Serebryakova E.N. Clinical significance of ontogenetic abnormalities of hemoglobin synthesis    | Resume, key words, literature
14 Tsimmerman Ya. S. Abdominal pain syndrome: etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment    | Resume, key words, literature
22 Filipenko P.S., Dragoman E.A. Infectious endocarditis in «injection» drug users. Part 2. Clinical feature, diagnosis, treatment    | Resume, key words, literature
30 Zamotaev Yu. N., Enikeev A.Kh. Peculiarities of circadian rhythms of arterial pressure in patients with hypertensive disease engaged in intense shiftwork activities    | Resume, key words, literature
35 Volkov V.S., Nilova S.A., Poselyugina O.B. Syndrome of hypovolemia in patients with arterial hypertension    | Resume, key words, literature
38 Medvedev I.N., Skoryatina I.A. Effect of lovastatin on adhesive and aggregation function of platelets in patients with arterial hypertension and dislipidemia    | Resume, key words, literature
41 Chibisov S.M., Zotova T.Yu., Zotov A.K., Skrylev D.S. Assessment of adaptive response of the cardiovascular system in a patient with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation    | Resume, key words, literature
43 Shilova L.N., Gontar’ I.P., Zborovskaya I.A., Novikova O.V., Emel’yanov N.N. Clinical and pathogenetic significance of antibodies to antioxidative enzymes in patients with Raynaud’s syndrome    |Resume, key words, literature
46 Sheyanov M.V., Ternovoy S.K., Fominykh E.V., Zavrazhina I.N., Makolkin V.I., Sulimov V.A. Affection of lungs in patients with rheumatoid arthritis    | Resume, key words, literature
50 Osadchuk A.M., Komarov F.I., Osadchuk M.A., Islamova E.A., Kvetnoy I.M. Dynamics of regeneration of epitheliocytes from gastric mucosa at different modes of antirelapse treatment of ulcer disease    | Resume, key words, literature
53 Aryamkina O.L., Savonenkova L.N. Diagnostics of abdominal tuberculosis in general and specialized healthcare facilities    | Resume, key words, literature
58 Aleksandrov M.V., Vasiliev S.A., Kuznetsov O.A., Andrianov A. Yu., Shikalova I.A., Loladze A.T., Batotsyrenov B.V. The use of cytoflavin in combined neurometabolic therapy of acute cerebral insufficiency associated with acute neurotropic poisoning    | Resume, key words, literature
61 Sivkov A.S., Paukov S.V., Ruvinov Yu.V., Kukes I.V. Individual safety of pharmacotherapy in the assessment of cytochrome P-450 3А4 (СYP3А4) isoenzyme activity    | Resume, key words, literature
68 Latfullin I.A., Ishmurzin G.P., Gaifullina R.F., Akhmerova R.I., Kim F., Podol’skaya A.A. Beta-blockers for the correction of arterial hypertension in postmenopausal women    | Resume, key words, literature
71 Zaslavskaya R.M., Bunyatin N.D., Sergeev S.V., Lukashev A.M., Lednev O.A. Effectiveness of traditional therapy and chronotherapy using prestarium in elderly patients with polymorbid syndrome    |Resume, key words, literature


76 Viktor Mikhailovich Yakovlev (on the occasion of his 85th birthday anniversary)
77 Memorable and milestone dates in the history of medicine for 2010