Gematologiya i Transfuziologiya №1 2011

3 Bukharin O. V., Usvyatsov B. Ya., Shchuplova E. A. Antihemoglobin activity of bacteria in their interactions with erythrocytes and its role in the pathogenesis of anemia in infection
6 Silaev M. A., Karagyulyan S. R., Bulanov A. Yu., Dzhulakyan U. L., Yegorova E. K., Magomedova A. U., Kaplanskaya I. B., Panteleev I. V. Splenectomy in massive and giant splenomegaly
11 Peshnyak Zh.V., Maltseva L. M., Potapnev M. P. Increase of the specific activity of blood anti-α-staphylolysin in immune donors by interleukin-2 and interferon-α
16 Peshnyak Zh.V., Maltseva L. M., Dvorina E. M., Potapnev M. P. Stimulation of the titers of anti-D antibodies by interleukin-2 and interferon-α in donors reimmunized by Rh0(D) alloerythrocytes
22 Ilyushkina E. A., Zvonkov E. E., Kravchenko S. K., Kremenetskaya A. M. Primary cutaneous B-cell lymphomas
27 Poddubnyi I. V., Yevstafyeva I. I., Svirin P. V., Vdovin V. V., Zorenko V. Yu. Surgical aspects of the treatment of children with hemophilia
31 Gorenkova L. G., Vinogradova Yu.E., Kravchenko S. K., Kremenetskaya A. M., Vorobyov A. I. Anaplastic T-cell ALK-positive lymphoma with isolated involvement of the skin and soft tissues in an elderly female patient
34 Vorobyov V. I., Lorie Yu.Yu., Mangasarova Ya.K., Kravchenko S. K., Kremenetskaya A. M. Potentialities of therapy for the mantle cell lymphoma relapses and resistant forms
38 Tarasova I. S. Specialized medical care of patients with hereditary coagulopathies in the North Western Federal Territory of the Russian Federation. Summing up the 3rd Inter-regional Scientific and Practical Conference on Hemophilia in the North Western Federal Territory of the Russian Federation (St. Petersburg, September 15—16, 2010).


Index of articles published in the journal HAEMATOLOGY AND TRANSFUSIOLOGY in 2010