Gematologiya i Transfuziologiya №5 2010

4 Vasilyev S. A., Vinogradov V. L., Karabudagova Z. K. Platelet structure and functions    | Resume, key words, literature
10 Nikitin I. K. Bacterial contamination of blood components    | Resume, key words, literature
14 Ataullakhanov F. I., Vorobyov A. I., Emelyanenko V. M., Panteleyev M. A. Artificial and lyophilized platelets: A real alternative to concentrated platelets?    | Resume, key words, literature
20 Krechetova A. V., Galstyan G. M., Vasilyev S. A. Blood clotting system in sepsis    | Resume, key words, literature


Abstracts of Research and Practical Conference "Problems of Replacement Therapy by Concentrated Platelets", October 19, 2010, Hematology Research Center, Moscow
55 Elena Vladimirovna Samochatova (on the occasion of her 70th birthday)