Gematologiya i Transfuziologiya №3 2009

3 Vorobyov I. A. Еditorial
4 Aitova L. G., Vinogradova Yu. E., Kravchenko S. K. Pilot experience of NHL-BFM-90 chemotherapy and autologous stem cell transplantation for adult patient with prognostic unfavorable form of aplastic T/0 large cellular ALC+ lymphosarcoma: Case report     | Resume, key words, literature
6 Volkova Ya. K., Magomedova A. U., Zvonkov E. E., Kravchenko S. K. Diagnosis and high-dose therapy of diffuse large B-cell lymphosarcoma with involvement of the mediastinal lymph nodes     | Resume, key words, literature
9 Zamyatina V. I., Kravchenko S. K., Zvonkov E. E., Magomedova A. U. Primary diffuse large B-cell lymphosarcoma of the ascending colon     | Resume, key words, literature
12 Ilyushikina E. A., Vinogradova Yu. E., Aitova L. G., Kaplanskaya I. B. Primary cutaneous anaplastic N-cell lymphoma with an erythrodermic dissemination: Case report     | Resume, key words, literature
15 Lukina A. I., Baryakh E. A., Morozova A. K., Panteleyev I. V. Primary involvement of the thyroid in an elderly patient with Burkitt's lymphoma     | Resume, key words, literature
18 Morozova A. K., Zvonkov E. E., Kravchenko S. K., Lukina A. I. Modified NHL-BFM-90 protocol for therapy of primary multiple diffuse large B-cell lymphosarcoma of bone with gastric involvement     | Resume, key words, literature
21 Nesterova E. S., Kravchenko S. K., Gilyazitdinova E. A., Gotman L. N., Kaplanskaya I .B., Shevelev A. A. Lymph node lymphocytoma, complicated by pulmonary artery thromboembolism and peripheral vein thrombosis, in an elderly female patient with congenital thrombophilia     | Resume, key words, literature
25 Perestoronina T. N., Kravchenko S. K., Gubkin A. V., Gorgidze L. A., Kaplanskaya I. B. Primary diffuse testicular large B-cell lymphosarcoma with involvement of the central nervous system     | Resume, key words, literature
28 Fink O. S., Baryakh E. A., Kravchenko S. K., Folomeyev V. N. Therapeutic strategy in Burkitt's lymphoma with involvement of the tonsil and threatened asphyxia     | Resume, key words, literature
31 Mendeleyeva L. P., Pokrovskaya O. S., Urnova E. S., Gretsov E. M., Panteleyev A. V., Kalinin N. N., Shtyreva E. M. Filgrastim (granogen) mobilization of autologous blood hemopoietic stem cells in oncohematological patients     | Resume, key words, literature
36 Galstyan G. M., Gubkin A. V., Makhinya V. A., Popova O. Yu. Therapeutic strategy in a patient with a tracheoesophageal fistula complicating the course of primary large B-cell lymphosarcoma of the thyroid     |Resume, key words, literature
41 Shavlokhov V. S., Moiseyeva T. N., Dzhumabaeva B. T., Karagyulyan S. R., Gotman L. N., Efimov I. V., Kaplanskaya I. B., Galstyan G. M., Julhakyan U. L., Volkova Ya. K. Surgical treatment of mediastinal tumors in patients with Hodgkin's disease and lymphosarcoma     | Resume, key words, literature
48 Julhakyan U. L., Obukhova T. N., Kaplanskaya I. B. Splenic marginal zone lymphocytoma with rearrangement of BCL6/3q27 gene     | Resume, key words, literature
52 List of theses maintained at Dissertation Council of Hematology Research Center in 2007—2008