Gematologiya i Transfuziologiya №6 2009


Vorobyov A. I.
 In memory to my teacher
7 Zhiguleva L. Yu., Abdulkadyrov K. M. Summing up of the opinions of head hematologists of Russia on the quality and efficiency of hematological care    | Resume, key words, literature
13 Zozulya N. I., Plyushch O. P., Velichko I. V. Intermediate results of a multicenter Russian open study of Haemoctin efficiency in patients with hemophilia A    | Resume, key words, literature
19 Popov A. M., Verzhbitskaya T. Yu., Tsaur G. A., Shorikov E. V., Savelyev L. I., Fechina L. G. Use of NG2 for monitoring the minimum residual disease by flow cytometry in infants with MLL rearranged acute lymphoblastic leukemia    | Resume, key words, literature
23 Krechetova A. V., Galstyan G. M., Vasilyev S. A., Orel E. B., Saridi E. Yu., Gemdzhyan E. G., Aleksanyan M. Zh., Gorodetsky V. M. A method for evaluating the status of septic patients by the proportion of the plasma fibrinolytic and anticoagulant activities    | Resume, key words, literature
28 Gorchakova S. V., Rekhtina I. G., Nikitin E. A., Kamenskii P. A., Sudarikov A. B., Biryukova L. S. Primary structure of light chain variable region in the pathogenesis of cast nephropathy    | Resume, key words, literature
34 Mondoeva S. S., Sukhanova G. A., Podzolkova N. M., Levina A. A., Vasilyev S. A. Relationship between hyperhomocysteinemia and reproductive loss and correction of this condition during pregnancy    | Resume, key words, literature
38 Gaponova T. V. Modern molecular biological characteristics of multiple myeloma    | Resume, key words, literature
45 Kostyaev A. A., Ivonin A. G., Oborin V. A. Impact of storage conditions and shelf life of erythrocytes for their bacterium-fixing activity    | Resume, key words, literature