Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №1 2011

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22 Pavlovskaya N. A. Methodological approaches to choosing informative laboratory biomarkers and their complexes for the early detection of the influence of harmful factors on man and for the diagnosis of occupational diseases
25 Mininkova A. I. Investigation of platelets by the flow cytofluorometric technique (a review of literature). Part 2
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33 Kostina O. V., Peretyagin S. P. The platelet hemostatic system and prooxidant and antioxidant potentials in the dynamics of burn disease
35 Mamayev A. N., Gilmanov A. Zh., Vavilova T. V., Momot A. P. The preanalytical stage of studying the hemostatic system
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42 Gerasimov I. G. Peripheral blood neutrophil subpopulations and capacities of NBT test in the diagnosis of neonatal diseases
45 Loginova M. A., Paramonov I. V., Trofimova N. P. Experience in using the LABType SSO reagent kits in the practice of a HLA typing laboratory
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51 Iskhakova Kh. I., Aripov A. N., Mukhamedzhanova N. A., Yuldasheva Kh. A., Shadmanova N. A. Comparison of two phenotypic methods for detecting the production of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases by hospital Klebsiella pneumoniae strains
53 Menshikov V. V. On international experience in standardizing clinical laboratory studies