Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №6 2011

3 Molchanov A. Yu., Ivanovskaya M. G., Rapoport S. I., Molchanova E. S. Determination of melatonin in biological fluids
8 Nikitina V. V., Zakharova N. B., Kamenskikh T. G. Role of vascular endothelial growth factor and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 in the development of endothelial dysfunction in types 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus complicated by diabetic retinopathy
10 Pogorelova T. N., Linde V. A., Gunko V. O., Drukker N. A. Amino acid composition of amniotic fluid during physiological and complicated pregnancy
14 Makarenko V. V., Vavilikhina N. F., Kastrikina T. N., Yelchaninova S. A. Determination of capillary plasma C-reactive protein during therapy for acute infectious lung diseases
16 Sukharev A. E., Bulakh N. A., Ermolayeva T. N., Nikolayev A. A. Alkaline phosphatase in mixed saliva in abdominal inflammatory diseases and gestoses
18 Boiko V. I., Dotsenko Yu. I., Boiko O. V. Acute-phase proteins in the saliva of workers engaged in processing natural gas and condensate high in hydrogen sulfide
20 Nagoyev B. S., Orazayev N. G. The antioxidant system in patients with influenza and influenza pneumonia
23 Kim L. B., Putyatina A. N., Nikonova I. K. The serum levels of glycosaminoglycans and hydroxyproline in relation to the age, gender, and blood group of apparently healthy individuals
26 Tropskaya M. S., Lugovskaya S. A., Danilova E. M., Volkova E. N. Reference values of clinical donor blood analysis
33 Savchenko A. A., Shevchenko Yu. N., Gritsan G. V. The specific features of the hemostatic system and platelet metabolism in pregnant women with gestosis for the prediction of the clinical status of neonatal infants
36 Kobylyansky A. G., Sandin M. Yu., Kozlova V. I., Alikhanov B. A., Demkin V. V. Determination of antibodies against cyclic citrullinated peptide in rheumatoid arthritis
39 Bogacheva N. V., Darmov I. V., Elagin G. D., Kryuchkov A. V., Tikhvinskaya O. V. Current laboratory methods to evaluate the efficiency of immunization against dangerous and extremely dangerous infections
42 Ukhanova I. Yu., Karaulov A. V., Konoplya A. I., Laktionov A. L., Sunyaikina O. A. Functional activity of peritoneal macrophages in acute destructive pancreatitis: evaluation, implication
44 Nasyrova Sh. S. Estimation of the level of endogenous intoxication in septic infants
46 Mazrukho A. B., Kaminsky D. I., Lomov Yu. M., Telesmanich N. R., Rozhkov K. K., Kruglikov V. D. Comparative evaluation of protein hydrolysates in designing their based universal culture medium for the diagnosis of plague and cholera
49 Yu. X. Schneiderhan-Marra N., Joos T. O. Protein microarrays for personalized medicine