Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №7 2011

3 Titov V. N., Shiryaeva U. K. The pericytes, endothelium monolayer, collagen and elastin chains as the elements of areolar tissue and the substrates of chemical reaction of glyserization
14 Gruzdeva O. V., Barbarash O. L., Palicheva E. I., Akbasheva O. E., Dyleva Yu. A., Salahova A. S., Shurygina E. A., Kashtalap V. V., Tavlueva E. V., Barbarash L. S. The detection of oxidation-modified lipoproteins and their antibodies in case of complicated course of myocardial infarction with segment ST boost
17 Pavlova R. N., Karyakina L. A., Beyshebayeva Ch.R., Dadali V. A. The utilization of omegalicin in treatment of psoriasis
20 Kutsenko N. L., Savtchenko L. G., Kaydasheva E. I., Kutsenko L. A., Solohina I. L., Kaydashev I. P. The determination of content of circulating CD32+CD40+ micro particles: The modification of method of assessment of destruction of endothelial cells
24 Antoshina L. I., Pavlovskaya N. A., Yatsyna I. V. The levels of enzymes of blood neutrophilic leukocytes during the impact on the organism of vibration, vibration in aggregate with nickelous dust and nickel hydroaerosol
27 Stuklov N. I., Levakov S. A. The laboratory evidences of chronic disease impact on the development of anemia under female reproductive system pathology
30 Smorkalova E. V., Aznabaeva L. F., Nikulicheva V. I., Safuanova G. Sh., Chepurnaya A. N. The characteristics of iron metabolism under iron-deficiency anemia and chronic disorders anemia
33 Sokolova N. A., Vitkovsky Yu. A., Rutskina E. A., Solpov A. V., Govorin A. V. The aggregation capacity of thrombocytes, lymphocytic thrombocytic adhesion and content of D-dimers in patients with acute acetic acid intoxication
35 Namestnikov Yu. A., Golovina O. G., Matvienko O. Yu., Nikolaeva A. E., Hait E. A., Papayan L. P. The conditions of arrangement of the thrombin generation test to detect the hypercoagulation status
39 Eritsyan E. E. The new approach in diagnostics of systemic lupus erythematosus: the immunoagglutination of collaurin
42 Andosova L. D., Kontorschikova K. N., Blatova O. L., Kudelkina S. Yu., Kuznetsova I. A., Belov A. V., Baikova R. A. The implementation of polymerase chain reaction technique: the real time to reveal and differentiate the viruses of human papilloma of high carcinogenic risk
44 Tunnikov G. I., Petrov V. S., Manuilov V. A., Seregin S. V., Netesov S. V. The production of high-yielding strain of rubella virus from wild type virus extracted from a patient in the Western Siberia in 2006
47 Truhachev A. L., Arsenieva T. E., Lebedeva S. A., Vasilieva E. A. The mode of spot test of plague and pseudotuberculosis agents mix cultures
50 Indutny A. V., Visokogorsky V. E., Saprygin D. B., Schibanov A. N. On the issue of cooperation in organizing the laboratory medicine education
54 The Decree of Government of the Russian Federation № 1230 from December 31 2010