Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №8 2011

3 Titov V. N., Shiryaeva Yu. K. The unity of image recognition of tolite homothetic receptors and glycosylation end product receptors in biologic function in case of diabetes
15 Poluektova M. V., Harchenko I. L., Kaplan M. A., Sokol N. I., Ershova L. M., Borgul O. V., Chirkova T. V., Vorobyeva O. A. The development of method of intravenous laser irradiation of blood with green laser in patients with hyperlipidemia
18 Buyanova S. V., Osochuk S. S., Korobov G. D. The composition of blood lipoproteins of donors 2 hours later after single atorvastatin intake
22 Kubasov R. V., Bichkaeva F. A., Godovih T. V. The variations of protein metabolism indicators in children depending on supply of thiamine
25 Mironov A. Yu. The actual approaches to laboratory diagnostics of anaerobic non-clostridial infection (a lecture)
35 Kondratieva A. M., Efimova L. P., Vinokurova T. Yu., Loseva A. M., Harlamova R. K. The cytochemical indicators in patients with II stage hypertension disease and isolated traumas of long tubular bones of lower extremities
38 Savostikova M. V., Volchenko N. N., Rusakov I. G., Borisova O. V., Golovaschenko M. P. The fluorescent hybridization in situ as applied in diagnostics of urinary bladder cancer
41 Kondratieva E. I., Suhanova G. A., Litvinova L. S., Kirienkova E. V., Kretova E. I., Zatolokin P. A. The impact of age and gender on the indicators of coagulator and vascular thrombocyte hemostasis in patients with II type diabetes mellitus
44 Novikov A. I., Dolgikh T. I., Novikov Yu. A. The Western blot as a confirming test in the laboratory diagnosis of syphilis
46 Maksimov N. L., Agafonov A. P., Drozdov I. G. The application of xMAP technology in genetic typing of measles virus
49 Popov D. A., Vostrikova T. Yu. The first experience of application of PCR techniques in real-time mode to diagnose bacteriemia during postoperational period in cardiosurgery patients
53 Khorovskaya L. A., Potapova L. A., Kovalevskaya S. N., Petrova N. G. The problems in the extra-analytical phase of a laboratory process in the health care facilities of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region
55 Menshikov V. V., Pimenova L. M. On the development of standardized technologies of clinical laboratory examinations