Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №11 2011

3 Titov V. N., Shiryaeva Yu. K. The glucose, glycotoxins and glycation products: the involvement into pathogenesis of microangiopathies, arteriolosclerosis and atherosclerosis
13 Titov V. Yu., Ivanova A. V., Agapov M. A., Petrov V. A. The content of nitrite and N-nitroso compounds of plasma as a diagnostic test of nonspecific inflammation
19 Tipisova E. V., Molodovskaya I. N., Osadtchuk L. V. The age-related aspects of changes in hormones’ level in hypophysis-thyroid and hypophysis-gonads systems in residents of Arkhangelsk
22 Ivashikina T. M., Kotova T. N., Khlekhlina Yu. V., Ermakov A. I., Berestovskaya V. S. The detection of vitamin D3deficiency in preschoolers and schoolchildren of Moscow and St.Petersburg
33 Pashintseva L. P., Bardina V. S., Ilyasov I. R., Mischenko B. P., Antziferov M. B. The clinical laboratory evaluation of accuracy of portable glucometers “Satellite Express” and ”Satellite Expressmini”
35 Sukhenko E. P., Lisitsyn N. B., Palagin V. A., Soloviev A. A., Kiryanov N. A. The electrophoretic cell analysis applying the instrument complex” Cito-expert”
Academy of distant
post-graduated education
25 Menshikov V. V. The current clinical laboratory in the public health system and medical science: a lecture
39 Shulyak B. F. The means of improvement of urine bacteriologic analysis
42 Poltavchenko A. G., Filatov P. V. The application of cobaltferous markers in serodiagnostic assay of infectious diseases
45 Saidakova E. V., Shmagel K. V. The evaluation of thymus function on the basis of circular DNA estimation technique
49 Ryzikova S. L., Druzhinina Yu. G., Ryabicheva T. G., Varaskin N. A. The standardization of technique of detection of blood cells cytokine production ex vivo
53 Lapin S. V., Mazing A. V., Bulgakova T. V., Maslyansky A. L., Ilivanova A. L., Kozarenko A. A., Totolyan A. A. The analytic and diagnostic characteristics of the national test system detecting cyclic citrullinated peptide antibodies
  Yury Borisovitch Yurov (to the sixtieth anniversary)