Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №4 2009

3 Titov V. N. Biological functions theory and diagnostic process improvement in clinical biochemistry    | Summary & Literature
15 Matveyev S. B., Davydov B. V., Teselkin Yu. O., Klychnikova Ye. V., Shakhova O. B. Criteria for assessment of endogenous intoxication in patients with pelvic peritonitis    | Summary & Literature
16 Khusnutdinova L. A., Maksudova A. N., Khakimova D. M., Sirazetdinov D. T. Study of renal functional reserve in healthy individuals in the use of dopamine    | Summary & Literature
19 Burduli N. M., Gutnova S. K. Platelet aggregatory properties in patients with chronic pancreatitis and possibilities of correcting their impairments    | Summary & Literature
21 Gens G. P., Stromskaya T. P., Kalita O. V., Vaiman A. V., Rybalkina Ye. Yu., Ovchinnikov L. P., Sorokin A. V., Korobkova L. I., Astrakhantsev A. F., Mukha S. F., Moiseeva N. I., Stavrovskaya A. A. Studies of YB-1 protein in breast tumors    | Summary & Literature
25 Novikov D. V., Belova T. V., Pegov R. G., Alyasova A. A., Morozova P. N., Knyazev D. I., Kalugin A. V., Kontorshchikova K. N., Baryshnikov A. Yu., Novikov V. V. Detection rate of MAGE-A1-A6 mRNA in the blood of cancer patients    | Summary & Literature
27 Sharapova V. M., Vartanova S. V., Kishkun A. A. Accelerated blood smear staining technique    | Summary & Literature
28 Piterskaya Ye. A., Gladilin G. P., Zhandarova L. F. Cytomorphological features of ovarian epithelial tumors    | Summary & Literature
30 Bondarenko A. L., Ustyuzhaninov V. N., Vozhegova N. P., Strazhnikova G. A. Immunogenetic criteria for prediction of mixed hepatitis A + B    | Summary & Literature
32 Vasneva Zh. P., Belyaeva L. V. The specific features of systemic and herpes-specific in children with secondary immunodeficiency state    | Summary & Literature
36 Zorin N. A., Podkhomutnikov V. M., Yankin M. Yu., Zorina V. N., Arkhipova S. V., Ryabicheva T. G. Acute inflammation phase reactants and interleukin-8 in myocardial infarction    | Summary & Literature
38 Sukharev A. Ye., Yermolayeva T. N., Beda N. A., Krylov G. F. Immunochemical studies of salivary lactoferrin    | Summary & Literature
39 Scientific-and-Practical Conference on Laboratory Diagnosis in Specialized and Emergency Care Health (Moscow, April 1-2, 2008)
49 Order No. 410н by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation
50 National standard of the Russian Federation. Cytological study of uterine cavity aspirate (draft)