Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №11 2009

3 Arefyeva I. A., Mochenova N. N., Moshkin A. V. Requirements for analytical quality: use of the concept of biological variation   | Resume, key words, literature
8 Sitnikova O. G., Peretyatko L. P., Sharygin S. A., Kuzmenko G. N., Popova I. G., Nazarov S. B. Some biochemical parameters in the placenta in discoordinated and powerless labors   | Resume, key words, literature
10 Nagoyev B. S., Ivanova Z. O. Lipid peroxidation in pneumonia of bacterial and viral etiologies   | Resume, key words, literature
14 Zhiburt Ye. B., Kodenev A. T. Prescreening of the activity of alanine aminotransferase enhances the cost-effectiveness of blood storage   | Resume, key words, literature
16 Pomytkina T. Ye. The serum content of gastrin-17 and pepsinogen-1 in patients with duodenal ulcerative disease in occupational contact with nitrogenous compounds   | Resume, key words, literature
20 Lyapina Ye. P., Shuldyakov A. A., Soboleva L. A., Satarova S. A., Anashchenko A. V., Tsareva T. D. Clinical and laboratory indicators of systemic inflammation and endotoxicosis in the evaluation of the activity of an infectious process   | Resume, key words, literature
23 Dolgushina A. I. Comparison of the state of the gastrointestinal tract with the values of lipids and their peroxidation in patients with atheromatosis of the celiac trunk   | Resume, key words, literature
25 Kalagina L. S., Rossokhin V. F., Yefremenko T. N., Zobkova T. I. Discriminant function analysis in the assessment of laboratory values in children with food allergy in acute viral hepatitis B   | Resume, key words, literature
28 Gilmiyarova F. N., Radomskaya V. M., Gusyakova O. A., Zubova I. A., Sidorova I. F., Karslyan L. S., Yevseyeva T. Yu., Voronkova Ye. Ye., Mursky S. I., Gabrilchak A. I., Ryskina Ye. A., Kuznetsova O. Yu., Spiridonova N. V., Dzugkoyev S. G., Sagdeyev R. R. AB0 blood group-associated biological variability in the content of metabolites   | Resume, key words, literature
33 Balakhovsky I. S. Statistical control of the quality of clinical laboratory analyses (a lecture)   | Resume, key words, literature
42 Vavilova T. V., Vorobyeva Yu. K., Krupotkina I. G., Mnuskina M. M., Zherlitsina Ye. A., Minkin S. R. Evaluation of D-dimer in outpatients: Clinical value and specific features   | Resume, key words, literature
46 Yastrubinetskaya O. I., Shmarov D. A., Sarycheva T. G., Popova O. V., Kozinets G. I. Examining the relationship between the electrophoretic mobility of peripheral red blood cells and their sedimentation rate in patients with hemophilia   | Resume, key words, literature
48 Shcherbo S. N., Choniashvili D. Z., Dyo D. A., Sadovsky V. V., Toguzov R. T. Use of molecular genetic diagnostic methods in periodontology and implantology   | Resume, key words, literature
51 Telesmanich N. R., Lomov Yu. M. Laboratory diagnosis of cholera: analysis and prospects for improvement   | Resume, key words, literature